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Hello CMAC Racers and Families,

We are about to start another ski season. Unfortunately, a reality of skiing is that there can be injuries. We want to do everything we can to minimize injuries and to also minimize the injuries that do occur. One of the things we insist upon is the use of approved ski helmets that completely cover the ears. The helmets can help lessen the impact of a fall when fitted and used correctly. We are concerned about the possibility of concussions in our skiers. Ongoing research is pointing to how serious concussions can be. We are again using the ImPact Test to assist in assessment of and recovery in the event of a concussion. You can get more information at the ImPact website

The USSA, Pacific Northwest Ski Association, and CMAC take head injuries very seriously. A baseline, pre-injury assessment is done for each racer and kept on file in a secure database that can be accessed only by PNSA approved administrators, such as myself. Each ski club within the PNSA region is supposed to have an administrator. If a head injury occurs, contact me, or if you are away at a different mountain, ask for the local club administrator to have a post injury test administered. A computerized pre-post comparison report can released to a treating concussion specialist to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Pacific Northwest Ski Association has a grant for all member teams in their region to administer the ImPact test at no cost to member clubs. In other words, there is no cost to you for the test. The test takes about 25 minutes to administer, and is used in determining baseline functioning and again as a comparison tool if a head injury occurs. The test gives a trained treating medical professional additional information to assist in both assessment and treatment of a head injury. 

If you are a U14 or older CMAC racer (this includes Masters level racers), and have never been tested, please reserve a time slot to take the test. Also, ImPACT says that the test should be retaken every 2 years. So, if you were previously tested prior to the 2011-2012 season it is important for you to be retested. Tests will be performed in Seattle at the Smith Tower office of Mary Egan and at the Tukwila office of David Thomson, Ph.D. starting in October, prior to the ski season.

Assessment days offered will be October 26 in Tukwila, and November 2 in Seattle between 11 am and 3 pm. You need to reserve a time slot. Drop-ins will not be tested. Please sign up (see below) for a testing time when you register for CMAC and you will receive a confirmation email and office directions. Please email or call me with any questions.

We are going to have another great season!

David Thomson, Ph.D.

Tip on registering for an ImPACT testing session: log in with the email address you used to register your athlete before registering!

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