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Big truck Hats, ski straps and stickers

We order most CMAC team apparel (hats, hoodies and shirts) on a batch order system with one order period in the fall. Those items are found on another page. On this page are the items you can order from September through March. Scroll down to check out the Big Truck Hats, ski straps and CMAC stickers! All proceeds go to supporting CMAC's Fund for Excellence.

Shipping included in the prices, so make sure the your address is correct when using PayPal to check out!

CMAC "Big Truck Caps" ($40 including shipping)
Get one of these super stylish Big Truck hats!


CMAC "Big Truck Youth Caps" ($30 including shipping)
Get one of these super stylish Big Truck hats in youth sizes!


CMAC Ski Straps ($6 including shipping*)
These are the best ski straps available! None of that cheap foam - these use tough rubber to protect your ski bases. Sold as a pair. (*Note: these will be only be shipped to you as part of an order including hats/shirts/hoodies, or if you order 4 or more pairs of ski straps. Otherwise, you can buy these in person at several of the social events during the year.)

CMAC Stickers ($2 or $3 including shipping)
These are high quality transfer-style stickers for putting on your car, your helmet, skis, water bottles, etc. The large sticker is 2"x7" and the small is 1"x3.5". Instructions for how to get the best results with these are at the bottom of this page.

Size and Color

How to install CMAC stickers:

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