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Junior Awards 2021

Below are the awards for junior program athletes for the 2020-2021 season.

U14 Junior Program

CMAC U14 Girls Most Improved - Izzy Thompson

This year's Most Improved award goes to Izzy Thompson. Izzy has put a tremendous amount of work and effort into her skiing over the last two years and it shows. She consistently shows up to put her best foot forward and takes feedback in stride. We recognize Izzy not only for her work at summer camps and weekend training but also for her mental attitude and overall work ethic.

This season was a roller coaster for Izzy. She wanted success so badly and it showed in every race she started. She consistently took more risks and pushed harder than any of her other teammates. While this resulted in becoming intimately acquainted with the B-Net, she always got back up and charged. This is not something you can coach; this is something an athlete either has or doesn’t. When these gambles paid off, she showed herself to be in the top group of athletes in CMAC and PNSA. We are all very excited to see Izzy continue to grow in her racing career and believe she has a bright future.

CMAC U14 Boys Most Improved – Charlie Jones

This year's Most Improved award goes to Charlie. Charlie showed up this year very nervous to enter the junior program but that didn’t stop him from trying. In fact, he put a tremendous amount of work and effort into his skiing this year and it shows. He consistently showed up and asked lots of questions and was always looking to improve.  We recognize Charlie not only for his positive mindset but also for his overall work ethic.

One example of Charlie’s fortitude was when we set the one ski drill. We asked all athletes to ski the course on one ski. This was challenging for the whole group but was particularly difficult for Charlie. He crashed a lot and ate a fair amount of snow but would not be dissuaded. Even when given the option of taking fewer runs he doubled down and was determined to get better. This determination transferred to all events and hiking the King. By the end of the season, Charlie was charging Super G and was hiking the King quickly. 

Charlie has a determination that is contagious to all and helps not only his teammates perform better but his coaches too. We are all very excited to see Charlie continue to grow in his racing career and believe he has a bright future.

CMAC U14 Most Inspirational – Cerridwen Meharg

We would like to honor Cerridwen Meharg with this year's Most Inspirational award. This season Cerridwen has really set herself apart. Throughout the season she always showed early up ready to train and has helped set up the training venue while many of her peers are still putting on their boots. She always showed up with a smile on her face and became an important leader on our girl’s team. She was a key member in encouraging others and leading by example. Every day she gave it her all in training, often staying late to get one more run in. Even when she was having a less than stellar day, she never failed to keep her head up and stay positive, even in spite of what the coaches were throwing at her on any given training day.

We were so pumped to see Cerridwen get a top 10 run at the No Bull. This performance was incredible. The conditions were super tough which is where Cerridwen tends to excel. This result shows not only that all her hard is paying off but that she has a bright future ahead of her.  We are excited to see how she improves over the summer with time on snow and in the gym.

CMAC U14 Outstanding Performance – Win Chandler

This year’s outstanding performance award goes to someone who exemplifies not only extraordinary athletic performance but also a high degree of determination. Win, this award goes to you. This is was a tough season but you not only persevered but showed you are one of the best athletes in PNSA.

One of our favorite moments with Win this season was his dominant performance at Mission Ridge with two-second places near hundredths away from first and a dominant victory. After struggling at Mt. Spokane to find his footing Win was again like last year able to dig deep and drive the performances he needed to get to qualify for champs. In fact, he was our only male athlete to qualify for the U14 Championships Camp in Squaw Valley California. We are all very excited to see him continue to grow this summer and into next season where he will be competing as a U16.

CMAC U14 Outstanding Performance – Sammie Wright

We honor Sammie Wright with the award for Outstanding Performance. Sammie has consistently been our top female racer throughout the season. She has proved herself to be a fierce competitor in the sport of ski racing. When challenged by other competitors Sammie is able to find another gear and crush the competition. Sammie placed on the podium 4 times out of 7 of our qualifiers. An astonishing feat. 

Sammie rightfully qualified for the U14 Championship Camp in Squaw Valley. Sammie showed immense focus and drive to learn during this camp and improved immensely.  We are very excited to see her bring this intensity and focus into this summer so she can come in strong for next season. We know great things are in store.

U16 Junior Program

CMAC U16 Girls Most Improved - Quinn Dennehy 

The most improved racer is usually a person that is the dedicated to training and has incredible perseverance. Quinn is getting very close in this category and during the spring she jumped to a new level with her confidence, technique and results. I think her enjoyment of skiing also moved to a new level as she felt more comfortable with her skiing skills. It can be really fun and exciting when a skier starts feeling well balanced. She is improving in all categories every day and you can see her really start to go for it and take some extra risks for speed.

Quinn did not qualify for the U16 champs, but at the NW Cup finals, she moved right into the top level of U16’s and the NW cup with 6th place (3rd U16) in GS and 8th place finish in SL.

As Quinn keeps improving her skills, improves her quickness and agility, the sky is the limit. A top 15 or even podium position at the U16 champs next season may be in the cards!


CMAC U16 Boys Most Improved - Deeson Patterson

Deeson had a very good season as a first year U16. His enthusiasm in training and perseverance on the hill really paid off by the end of the season. His fearless desire for speed and sending it down the hill is another strong suit.

Deeson really had a strong performance at the Evergreen Cp finals with and 11th in the SL. Improving his SL ranking points by well over 100 for the season.

As Deeson continues his strong desire to improve his technique and train often as he did this past season, we are sure to see some spectacular performances next year. Junior champs may be in the cards.

Congrats on a great season Deeson!

CMAC U16 Girls: Outstanding Performance - Zoe Paek

We recognize an individual performance, or a collection of outstanding performances. Zoe works to be the best she can be as an athlete in the offseason and it shows when she hits the snow. She is continuing her pursuit of learning ski technique and she always sends it down the hill as fast as she can. She had some spectacular finishes at Crystal in the NW Cup qualifiers with consistent top 3 finishes. The strong results within the PNSA division qualified her near the top of the rankings going in to the U16 regional championships. The Western regional champs were held at Mammoth Mt. California. While Zoe wanted to ski faster, we all do, she did have a strong effort as a first year U16 and scored a top 15 in SG. She gained some invaluable experience and I expect Zoe to be challenging for the podium positions next season at champs.

CMAC U16 Boys: Outstanding Performance - Win Flaggert 

Win had a great season. He is a very balanced skier and is constantly seeking out ways to improve his skiing. Win has a nice touch on the snow and is very aware of his edging. He really knows when he is carving and feels for the clean turn. This helps him with his ability to seek speed. And that’s the most important part of becoming a fast ski racer. As he develops his fitness and gains more knowledge of technique, Win will do some spectacular things in ski racing. He is planning on attending numerous camps, and in the off-season, we hope he hits the gym, the track, the field etc. with a passion and train to be the best.

Win had some very outstanding performances this season. A standout was at the NW Cup SL at Mt. Spokane. He was the top U16 racer that day, but he also scored a 2nd and 4th place overall against all the FIS boys. As Win develops his skiing technique, I expect he will be competing for podiums in all the NW Cup races and will have opportunity to bring his skiing up to the national level in all events. We are rooting for you Win, keep up the good work, and step up to the next level as an athlete!

u19 Race Program

CMAC U19 Girls Most Improved - Ciara McGinnis

Ciara was new to ski racing this season and she fell in love with the sport. She was always looking to get more time on the training course. She dedicated herself to learning the technique and was frustrated at times, but always came back up to the top with determination. Due to the difficult year with Covid and the limitations on the number of racers allowed per event, sometimes she was denied entry. This caused even more frustration, but when she did get in some races she did her best, and as the season went on so did her improvement. She had an incredible year as a rookie and next season it will really begin to show on the scoreboard. Congrats on a great year Ciara.Ollie Loeser