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Mighty Mite Race Team Awards: 2020-2021

Here are the Mighty Mite Race Team awards for the 2020-2021 season!  

U12 Outstanding Performance – Canyon Osborn

Canyon is an aggressive skier, whether out free-skiing or in the race course. She always gives it her all and sometimes that leads to DNF’s, but she is not afraid to push her limits and this led her to a top 5 result in the PNSA Buddy Werner Championships where she placed 4th in the Giant Slalom. She is a very focused racer and is always looking for ways to be faster. This focus, paired with her natural aggression on skis will no doubt lead to many more great results.

U12 Outstanding Performance – Trae Petett

Trae was consistently fast all season, with three wins, a second and third place at our home races, but he really topped off a great season with a strong performance at the PNSA Buddy Werner Championships. Trae led our team with top 10 results in both events, placing 7th in the GS, and an impressive 9th in the slalom from the 55th start position. Trae was a positive leader amongst his teammates, and his positive attitude always showed during training.

U12 Most Improved – Alice Gabrielson

After Alice thought she had a disappointing result at Cherry Tree Charge, Alice was determined to work harder. She became so much more willing to take risk during the season and has excellent form and stance. Once she started to bend the skis in the turn she was getting even faster. Alice worked so hard, constantly asking for feedback and then she was able to apply that feedback.  Her hard work led to some awesome skiing by the end of the season. Her coaches are so proud of her attitude and hard work.

U12 Most Improved – Drew Hixson

Drew showed up to training every session with a quiet determination to work hard and improve his skiing that was apparent and appreciated by his coaches. Whether it was challenging himself on terrain while free-skiing, or focused execution in drills and in the training course, Drew always gave it his all, with a positive attitude. Throughout the season, Drew kept moving up and closing the gap to the race leaders, and finished off the season with a top 30 placing in the GS at the PNSA Buddy Werner Championships, moving up a whopping 42 places, finishing 24th from the 66th start position!

U12 Most Inspirational – Isabella Caine

Isabella is a very thoughtful and inspiring kid. She wanted everyone to get better and was so supportive of every kid every day. One example was at the Buddy Werner Championships during the slalom race she ended up running first for the second run. She was excited about this because then she could come back to the top with her cowbell and cheer everyone on. Isabella cheered every kid on from CMAC  until the last racer went. She also was supportive of every kid at the races even if they were not from CMAC. She would be disappointed when someone fell no matter where they were from. She constantly had a positive attitude and enjoyed skiing anywhere! She was quick to help anyone who fell while free skiing even if they weren't a racer or from our group. Isabella works hard and wants the best for everyone. 

U10 Outstanding Performance - Piper McKee

Piper McKee ALWAYS has a smile on her face because Piper is always skiing!  She charges every run no matter the conditions or weather and is a real inspiration to those around her.  Piper loves the steepest runs Crystal has to offer.  It’s no wonder she consistently finished in the top group at our races.  Way to go Piper - keep it up!

U10 Outstanding Performance – Parker Trulson

Parker Trulson is consistent FAST!  He finished our four CMAC races this year with three seconds and a first place.  In addition to racing “Park”er loves to hit the terrain park where he works on his many tricks which definitely paid off in our variable race conditions!  Nice job Parker - keep training hard this summer and fall.

U10 Most Improved - Neva Menish

Neva gained a tremendous amount of confidence in her skiing this year.  Every week she progressed in pressuring the fronts of her boots, rolling her knees to get her skis on edge, and using upper/lower body separation to keep her balance through the turn.  She also became so much more comfortable in race and training courses throughout the season, allowing her skiing skills to really start to shine in the course. This led to her best finish of the season with a fourth place in the final race of the Mighty Mite Slalom. So exciting to see her progression!

U10 Most Improved – Zachary Heim

This was Zachary’s first year in CMAC. Although he had a strong foundation when he joined, he had very little experience in gates. He worked hard and improved his skills with every session and always brought a great attitude. His hard work paid off as he really started to feel his ski carving, leading to carrying a lot of speed in the course! Zachary had many great results throughout the season, finishing the season with his best results in our final race.

U8 Outstanding Performance – Bexley Phillips

Bexley had a great season during her first year in CMAC. Not only was Bexley one of the strongest U8 girls but she really contributed to a positive atmosphere within her group. Bexley worked hard to improve her skills all year and this led to great results in the races, landing her on the podium in all the races she finished during the season. 

U8 Outstanding Performance – Auguste Bouffard

Auguste skied with poise and balance all season.  His body movement was strong, precise, and efficient and he showed great awareness of the terrain, snow conditions, and course elements. Auguste is a confident skier all over the mountain with a natural tendency to his skis go down the hill.  This all translated into consistently strong race day performances, and really fast skiing when he put it all together!

U8 Most Improved – Brooke Graham

Brooke had great results throughout the season. However, what really stands out is her improvement as the season went on as she narrowed and eliminated the time gap between her and her competitors. Brooke loves to ski and conquer new challenges, and showed up to training ready to learn each day. Way to go, Brooke!

U8 Most Improved – Calder McKee

Calder proved that hard work and a strong desire to learn can translate into outstanding results.  At every training session, Calder demonstrated an eagerness to improve and put all his energy into executing each drill that was introduced.  Not only did he demonstrate strong personal leadership, but he set a positive example for his teammates.  By the end of the season, Calder was consistently finishing at or near the top of his age class.

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