Race Reports

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  • 22 Apr 2012 9:00 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Top 20 Results from May Day Mt. Bachelor April 20-22

    J3 Girls - Oseland(3), Harrison(6),Lower(10), Pepin(11), Frey(13)
    J3 Boys – Kray(3)
    J4 Girls - Colley(7), Hensien(8), Holm(10), Jendrezak(14), Orford(15), Pepin(20)
    J4 Boys - Wright(3), Toribio(9), Jendrezak(10), Sharp(17), Kray(18), Lafreniere(21)
    J5 Girls - Jendrezak(2), Wright(7), Wurden(8), Holm(11)
    J5 Boys - Toribio(20)

    J3 Girls - Pepin(1), Frey(2), Oseland(5), Harrison(6), Wurden(12)
    J3 Boys – Weichert(2), Kray(5)
    J4 Girls - Cooley(1), Hensien(6), Pepin(7), Holm(18), Frey(19), Orford(21), Jendrezak(25)
    J4 Boys - Lower(1), Wright(4), Toribio(7), Jendrezak(12), Kray(23), Lafreniere(27), Sherbrook(28), Sharpe(31)
    J5 Girls - Jendrezak(7), Wright(12), Lafreniere(20), Holm(24), Wurden(36)
    J5 Boys - Smoll(4), Toribio(6)

    J5 Girls - Wurden(3), Jendrezak(4), Holm(12), Wright(14), Lafreniere(28)
    J5 Boys - Toribio(8), Smoll(11), Denehey(36)

    GS 2:
    J5 Girls - Wurden(4), Holm(5), Jendrezak(7), Wright (15), Lafreniere(26)
    J5 Boys - Smoll(3), Toribio(4), Denehey(33)

     SG 1:
    J3 Girls - Harrison(2), Oseland(4), Pepin(6), Wurden(11), Frey(13), Lower(15)
    J3 Boys – Kray(4), Fenn(10)
    J4 Girls - Hensien(2), Cooley(3), Orford(10), Holm(18), Frey(22), Pepin(28), Jendrezak(30)
    J4 Boys - Toribio(3),Wright(8), Lower(8), Jendrezak(13), Thomson(18), Sharpe(23), Sherbrooke(24), Lafreniere(26), Kray(30)

    SG 2:
    J3 Girls - Oseland(2), Harrison(3), Pepin(6), Frey(7), Wurden(11), Lower(14)
    J3 Boys – Kray(4), Weichert(9), Fenn(11)
    J4 Girls - Hensien(1), Holm(12), Pepin(15), Jendrezak(27)
    J4 Boys - Toribio(1), Lower(4), Wright(8), Thomson(12), Jendrezak(13), Lafreniere(17), Sharpe(18), Sherbrooke(26)

  • 30 Mar 2012 9:44 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    2012 CMAC J3 Series Team Champs

    This past weekend our J3 team competed in the J3 Finals. The team finished out an incredibly successful season with some fantastic team results. Congratulations J3's!

    • 2012 PNSA J3 Series Team Overall Champions
    • 2012 PNSA J3 Series Girls Team Overall Champions
    • 2012 PNSA J3 Series Boys Team 2nd Place

  • 25 Mar 2012 9:42 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Buddy Werner Champs Schweitzer Mar. 24-25

    3/24 Girls SL: Hensien(1), Cooley(5), Baldwin(8), Davis(14), Kerslake(17), Farrell(18), Corff(20)

    3/24 Boys GS: Toribio(1), Lower(7), Jendrezak(10), Wright(12)

    3/24 Move Up SL Girls: Julia Davis

    3/25 Girls GS: Hensien(1), Cooley(3), Farrell(16), Davis(17), Kerslake(18)

    3/25 Boys SL: Toribio(1), Jendrezak(3), Lower(12), Wright(14)

    3/25 Move Up GS Girls: Anna Corff

    2012 BW Champs Team Champions

    2012 BW Champs Girls Team Champions

    2012 BW Champs Boys Team Champions

    2012 BW Champs Girls Overall Champion – Katie Hensien

    2012 BW Champs Boys Overall Champion – Devon Toribio

  • 25 Mar 2012 9:41 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Top 20:


    Boys SG: Moe-Lange(9), Ellis(10), Kray(12), Hall(17), Weichert(18), Lecuyer(19), Hayes(24), Campbell(30), Budd(33)

    Boys GS: Moe-Lange(2), Baldwin(3), Ellis(7), Hayes(11), Lecuyer(13), Kray(15), Budd(20), Weichert(22), Campbell(23), Fenn(33), Hall(39)

    Boys SL: Moe-Lange(3), Hall(6), Ellis(7), Baldwin(11), Hayes(13), Lecuyer(19), Weichert(25), Campbell(27), Budd(28), Kray(30), Fenn(38)

    GIrls SG: Harrison(1), Toland(5), Oseland(8), Frey(12), Pepin(14), Hampson(17), Knudsen(23), Wurden(27), Russell(29), Stamnes(33), Lower(36), Rosskill(37), Smith(39)

    Girls GS: Harrison(1), Oseland(3), Pepin(6), Knudsen(9), Toland(11),Wurden(17), Frey(25), Smith(26), Lower(27), Stamnes(29), Russell(31), Lamson-Gordon(37)

    Girls SL: Oseland(1), Frey(2), Pepin(9), Toland(11), Knudsen(13), Hampson(19), Harrison(20), Wurden(25), Lower(32), Stamnes(34), Smith(37), Rosskill(39), Russell(40), Lamson-Gordon(43)

  • 16 Mar 2012 9:47 PM | CMAC (Administrator)
    2012 PNSA Buddy Werner Champions
    CMAC Buddy Werner Team competed in the Buddy Werner Championships this past weekend at Schweitzer and came back champions and and a whole lot more. Congratulations!
    • 2012 PNSA BW Team Overall Champions
    • 2012 PNSA BW Girls Team Overall Champions
    • 2012 PNSA BW Boys Team Overall Champions
    • 2012 PNSA BW Boy and Girl Overall Champions

  • 15 Mar 2012 9:43 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    CMAC Masters Results

    Schmidt - 7 first place finishes
    Goodwin - 2 third, 4 fourth and 1 fifth place finish
    Hampson - 2 first and 1 second place finish
    Reininger - 3 third, 2 fourth and 1 sixth place finish
    Jackson - 1 eighth, 2 ninth 1 eleventh and 1 twelfth place finish
    Withington - 4 first and 2 second place finishes
    Jacoby - 3 second, 1 third, 1 fourth and 1 sixth place finish
    P. Stamnes - 2 third and 2 sixth place finishes
    M. Stamnes - 1 first and 1 second place finish
    A. Sundberg - 1 second and 1 third place finish
    Ripplinger - 1 fifth and 1 seventh place finish
    Tammen - 1 fourth, 1 sixth, 1 seventh and 2 ninth place finishes
    S. Sundberg - 1 sixth and 1 tenth place finish
    Vandervoort -1 second, 2 third, 1 fourth and 1 seventh place finish

    P. O'Kane - 1 seventh and 1 tenth place finish

  • 09 Mar 2012 9:49 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Here's the rest of the earlier 2011-2012 season...


    CMAC J3 JO Qualifiers

    This past week our J3 JO qualifiers helped PNSA achieve some of thier best results in quite a while. Congratulations! This years qualifiers were - Row1: Siri Knudsen, Allie Frey, Jordan Harrison, Ella Pepin, Alex Oseland Row2: Tristan Lecuyer, Peter Moe-Lange, Brayden Hall, Henry Baldwin, Tyler Ellis, Steve Maynard(Coach)Evergreen Cup Stevens Pass Mar. 17-18

    3/16 Super G: Girls-Sarah Hampson 1, Talia Toland 8, Petria Russell 12, Olivia Roskill 20

    3/16 Super G Boys- George Campbell 18

    3/17 GS Girls: Talia Toland 6, Sarah Hampson 11, Sabrina Stamnes 14, Petria Russell 19

    3/17 GS Boys: Corbin Kray 11, George Campbell 14, Joe Hayes 16, Curt Budd 17

    3/18 SL Girls : Sarah Hampson 6, Sabrina Stamnes 11

    3/18 SL Boys: Joe Hayes 17, Corbin Kray 18



    J3 Regnioal JO's Big Sky Mar.16-18
    3/16 Super G: Girls-Jordan Harrison 6, Alex Oseland 19
    3/16 Super G: Boys- Henry Baldwin 17
    3/17 GS: Girls -Jordan Harrison 9, Alex Oseland 15
    3/17 GS: Boys-Peter Moe-Lang 5, Tyler Ellis 19
    3/18 Sl: Girls-Alex Oseland 5, Allison Frey 14


    J2 Nationals Mamoth Mar. 7-12
    Congratulations Karina Schwartznau!
    SL - Schwartznau(31)
    GS - Schwartznau(16)
    SG - Schwartznau(8)
    DH - Schwartznau(11)


    Western Reg. JO Schweitzer 3/6-11
    SL #1 Women- Bachmeier(17)
    SL #1 Men- Meyer(11)
    SL #2 Men- Meyer(18)
    GS #1 Women- Bachmeier(14)
    SG #1 Men - Meyer(15)


    Bantam Cup White Pass 3/10-11
    SL Women- Hensien(1), Baldwin(2), Farrell(3), Holm K(4), Kerslake(5), Blanchard(8), Lafreniere(9), Jendrezak(12), Wright(14), Corff(15), Cooley(19), Wurden(20)
    SL Men- Jendrezak(1), Koefoed(5), Budd(8), Chrysafidis(12), Frohlich(14), Sharpe(15), Sherbrooke(18), Niemann(20)
    GS Women- Cooley(1), Kerslake(2), Holm K(3), Holm H(4), Orford(7), Blanchard(8), Hensien(9), Corff(10), Wright(12), Farrell(13), Jendrezak(14), Pepin (17), Wurden(20)
    GS Men - Jendrezak(1), Toribio(2), Wright(4), Chrysafidis(5), Koefoed(7), Lower(8), Budd(12), Ries(16), Patterson(18), Lafreniere(19)


    Sun Cup Mt Bachelor Feb. 23-26
    DH Training #1 Women - Alger(6), Schwartznau(10), Oseland(11)
    DH Training #2 Women - Alger(6), Schwartznau(7), Oseland(10)
    DH Training #1 Men – Osborne(6), Dickey(12), Albrecht(13)
    DH #1 Women - Schwartznau(5), Alger(6), Oseland(15)
    DH #2 Women – Alger(4), Schwartznau(5), Pepin(17)
    DH #1 Men – Noges(1), Stone C.(7), Dickey(14), McNabb(15), Osborne(18), Lindskog(19)
    DH #2 Men – Noges(1), Stone C.(9), Osborne(11), Dickey(12), Lindskog(16)
    SG Women - Schwartznau(3), Harrison(4), Alger (12), Oseland(15)
    SG Men – Wurden(6), Osborne(12), Hunter(15), Dickey(16), McNabb(19), Stone M.(20)


    J3 Qualifier #2 Meadows Feb. 18-20
    SG #1 Women - Harrison(2), Toland(5), Oseland(6), Pepin(11), Hampson(14), Knudsen(16)
    SG #2 Women - Oseland(5), Harrison(6), Toland(9), Hampson(16)
    SG #1 Men – Baldwin(6), Hall(8), Moe-Lange(10), Lecuyer(14)
    SG #3 Women - Harrison(1), Pepin(5), Toland(9), Knudsen(11), Frey(15), Wurden(19)
    SG #2 Men – Ellis(8), Moe-Lange(10), Baldwin(12), Hall(16), Lecuyer(18)
    SG #3 Men – Moe-Lange(4), Hall(10), Lecuyer(12), Baldwin(15)
    GS Women - Harrison(2), Pepin(8), Toland(14)
    GS Men – Moe-Lange(2), Ellis(6), Lecuyer(11), Baldwin(13)

    NW Cup Meadows Feb. 10-12
    SL Women - Alger(6), Schwartznau(8), Bachmeier(11)
    SL Men – Scott(5), Meyer(7), Lindskog(9), Osborne(11), Jarvis(13), Dickey(19)

    Hampton Cup Mission Ridge Feb. 4-5
    GS Women - Schwartznau(4), Harrison(6), Pawlak(11), Oseland(13), Bielaski(17), Pepin(18)
    SG Men – Osborne(4), Dickey(7), Lecuyer(10), Stone M.(16), Moe-Lange(17)
    GS Women - Schwartznau(4), Harrison(7), Oseland(10), Pawlak(15), Pepin(18), Bielaski(20)
    GS Men – Moe-Lange(9), Hanseler(12), Stone M. (13), Hunter(20)


    NW Cup #2 Qual #1 Schweitzer Jan. 5-8
    GS Women - Alger(9), Bachmeier(13), Schwartznau(18)
    SG Men –Noges(1), Meyer(12), Scott(17),
    GS Women - Schwartznau(11), Bachmeier(17)
    SG Men -Noges(1), Meyer(10)
    SG Women - Schwartznau(8), Alger(15), Bachmeier(18)
    GS Men -Scott(13), Dickey(17), Lindskog(18)
    SG Women - Schwartznau(7), Bachmeier(11), Alger(18)
    GS Men -Noges(4), Meyer(6)


    J3 Qual #1 Mt Spokane Jan 14th-16th
    14th GS
    Women - Oseland(3), Harrison(4), Knudsen(10), Frey(17), Hampson(18)
    Men -Moe-Lange(5), Ellis(7)
    15th SL
    Women - Oseland(2), Frey(6)
    Men -Ellis(1), Hall(6), Budd(17), Campbell(19), Lecuyer (20)
    16th SL
    Women - Oseland(1), Harrison(4), Frey(10), Pepin(16), Knudsen(20)
    Men -Moe-Lange(4), Ellis(6), Braydon Hall(13)


    Web Moffett Snoqualmie Dec 30th-31st
    30th SL
    Women - Frey(6), Knudsen(11), Pepin(14), Wurden(18)
    Men –Stone M(2), Chrysafidis(10), Demers(12), Baldwin(16), Hayes(17), Campbell(18), Kray(19)
    31th GS
    Women - Osland(3), Harrison(5), Frey(8), Pepin(11), Knudsen(12),
    Men -Meyer(1), Scott(2), Lindskog(4), Stone C(6), Moe-Lange(11), Demers(12), Baldwin(19)

    NW Cup #1 Mission Dec 19th-20th
    19th SL
    Women - George(13)
    Men -Osborne(8), Dickey(9), Hanseler(10), Scott(11), Hunter(13), Lecuyer(15), Demers(20)
    20th SL
    Women - George(14)
    Men -McNabb(8),Osborne(19)

    Alyeska Dec 15th-18th
    15th SL
    Women - Schwartznau(7), Bachmeier(20)
    Men -Meyer(6), Dickey(10), Osborne(14), Stone C.(15), Stone M.(17)
    16th SL
    Women - Schwartznau(12), Bachmeier(13)
    Men -Meyer(8), Scott(12)
    17th GS
    Women - Schwartznau(15), Bachmeier(19), Alger(20
    Men -Meyer(11), Scott(17)

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