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  • 19 Apr 2017 5:19 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    This year CMAC had a significant break through performance from Katie Holm. Katie had three top performances at the Western U16 Champs and qualified for the U16 national championships. She went on to place 2nd in the SG event and earned a silver medal. Congrats Katie, its an incredible performance and continues to show the potential success of our CMAC racers. Katie has shown a strong work ethic on and off the snow with an excellent physical training program, multiple off season ski camps, and an “always at training attitude”.  She has an incredible consistency of showing up for all training sessions, start to finish, everyday all season. The perseverance is paying off!

    Katie Holm Silver Medal U16 National Championship SG

  • 10 Apr 2017 7:27 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Overall we could not have asked for a better weekend at Mission Ridge for the Buddy Werner Championships. It was bright sunshine every day and perfect hard snow conditions.

    The team skied very well across the board. As a group, we capitalized on the training runs Thursday for SG and by Friday everyone was skiing fast very fast. In SG we had 4 Girls in the top 11 and 5 Boys in the top 30 including the top 2 move ups! CMAC was true to its roots and did very well in the speed events. A special thanks to Scott Macartney for joining the U14s for the SG training and race days, it is always so great to have Scott at speed events!

    GS and SL were both great events for most of the team with many top 10s and huge move ups. A special tip of the hat to Graham Barwick on getting 1st in the Men’s SL. It is so great to see our athletes make it to the top of the podium, especially at a championship event. An absolutely fantastic race weekend at Mission Ridge was the perfect exclamation point to an amazing season!


  • 02 Apr 2017 5:37 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    What a fantastic finish to a fabulous season, and a strong finish at the Cascade Cup 2017 U12 Championships at Alpental. 

    The coaches were so impressed with the way each and every one of you skied at the race. You have all learned the fundamentals very well and you showed it this last weekend. You make us very proud of your accomplishments.

    We started things out with the dual slalom competition on Friday. What a fun and exciting event. We had some great match ups and some real exciting races. We ended up with Win Flaggart taking a second place in the event for the boys.

    Saturday we moved to the slalom event with again some incredible skiing by our CMAC team. For the girls Quinn Dennehy finished third and Ava Schoening in seventh place. Samantha Wright won the move up award for the girls. On the boys side we had Win Flaggart with a fourth place finish, Sawyer Krohn in fifth and big Ben Albrecht finishing eighth.

    Sunday was the GS. For the girls it was real exciting. There was a three way tie for third place with Sophie Porter and Quinn Dennehy being two of them and Ava Shoening taking a tenth. The boys were unbelievable. We had five boys finish in the top ten. Tanner Stines lead the way with a fourth place finish followed by Win Flaggart in fifth then Sawyer Krohn in sixth, Ben Albrecht in seventh and Peter Schoening finishing tenth. Again we were not denied on the move up award with Adam Kinney taking those honors.

    For the team awards the CMAC boys took first place and in the team combined we tied with Team Alpental Snoqualmie for first place

  • 28 Feb 2017 5:26 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    The Sun Cup was again a highlight of the year for many of our CMAC racers. The DH track at Bachelor has lots of speed, jumps, rollers and is a great test of DH skills. This year Tristan LeCuyer led the group with some spectacular DH racing. Tyler Ellis just behind him in 5th.   Emma Moore led the girls with a 10th place finish.

    Emma Moore and Tristan LeCuyer on the way to top 10 and top 5 Sun Cup DH finishes.

    Tucking jumping and speed! DH is such a fun part of the ski racing experience.  The kids will hold these memories for a lifetime. There is nothing better than some good old DH stories. 

  • 16 Feb 2017 4:51 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Tess Baldwin on her way to victory!CMAC racers continue to make progress at Mission Ridge! From top of the list down to the up and coming youngsters. The top performance coming from Tess Baldwin winning the GS on Saturday, and coming from Cat 4, Simon Toribio and Billy Wagner both made the podium. We had lots of move ups and great performances from many racers, which shows some excellent progress within the team. Going into the final qualifiers at Sun Cup, CMAC is positioned to have a large group of kids qualify for the Junior Champs!

    There were also many crashes, and dnf’s in the rough conditions, so for those that had a tough time last weekend, lets make up for it the next few weeks. The kids that have been mastering their skills are making breakthroughs, so lets get out there and make it happen!

    While the racing was fun, Max took some down time with the girls when he broke out the Hammock at the start waiting for the second run. Smiles all around.

  • 02 Feb 2017 8:13 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Thanks to Alan for some Hampton Cup highlights... 

    CMAC had some tremendous racing at the Hampton Cup. It was really fun to have all of our U14 and older racers all in the same event. It gave our young skiers a good target for their future in racing, and many kids were challenging our older racers, congrats! Numerous podiums and strong move ups amongst our skiers. We did have a few mishaps. 

    And here is a great photo of Willi Vipond practicing his one ski drill. While I don’t suggest this while racing, Willi is showing us some good balance skills!

    Here is the best way to see results. If you click on a racer it will take you to their profile and link you to more results.

  • 18 Jan 2017 5:39 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Here are the race results... stay tuned for more race report. 

    • Saturday GS: M  W 
    • Sunday GS: M  W 
    • Monday SG: M  W
    And here are the overall CTC podiums:

  • 13 Jan 2017 5:30 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    What a fun race! Thank you to the volunteers and race crew for putting on a great race. Also thank you to Tacoma Subaru for the race sponsorship and to the Alpine Inn for hosting our refreshments and awards on 

    The race results are here:

    • Saturday (SL): M&W 
    • Sunday (GS): M&W
    The family that ski races together, stays together. Fastest women Robin (Phillips), fastest man John Phillips and their parents Carolyn and Jim! 

    More photos:

    And finally the Sunday beer and pizza awards:

  • 12 Jan 2017 11:06 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    NWC Cup 1 was a successful weekend for our CMAC Athletes! Here are some of the highlights. 

    Day 1 GS
    Cat 1 Katie Holm 4th Overall
    Cat 1 Tess Baldwin 5th Overall
    Cat 1 Madeline Lafreniere 7th Overall
    Cat 2 Anna Gibbons 3rd 10th Overall
    Cat 2 Aili Moore 4th

    Cat 3 Tristan Thomson 1st

    Day 2 SL
    Cat 1 Katie Holm 1st Overall
    Cat 1 Tess Baldwin 3rd Overall
    Cat 2 Aili Moore 1st 6th Overall
    Cat 1 Izzy Buck 10th Overall

    Cat 1 Ty Ellis 4th Overall
    Cat 3 Tristan Thomson 1st

    Day 3 SL
    Cat 1 Tess Baldwin 5th Overall
    Cat 2 Anna Gibbons 2nd
    Cat 2 Aili Moore 4th
    Cat 3 Evie Wright 1st

    Cat 1 Ty Ellis 7th Overall
    Cat 3 Max Schoening 3rd

  • 22 Dec 2016 8:50 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    CMAC Day 1 GS Russ Read.

    • Madeline 3rd Cat 1
    • Katie 4th Cat 1
    • Aili 1st Cat 2
    • Will 1st Cat 3
    • Zach 3rd Cat 4

    CMAC dominated Day 2 of Russ Read


    • Katie 2nd Cat 1 (2nd Overall)
    • Madeline 4th Cat 1 (4th Overall)
    • Aili 1st Cat 2 (5th Overall)
    • Anna 5th Cat 2


    • Lewis 1st Cat 3
    • Willi 4th Cat 3
    • Zach 1st Cat 4
    • Billy 3rd Cat 4
    • Micheal 5th Cat 4
    • Oliver 4th Cat 5

    Russ Read Day 3 SG


    • Katie 3rd Cat 1
    • Aili 3rd Cat 2

    Men Cat 3 CMAC Sweep!

    • Lewis 1st
    • Graham 2nd
    • Willi 3rd

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