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  • 13 Jan 2017 5:30 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    What a fun race! Thank you to the volunteers and race crew for putting on a great race. Also thank you to Tacoma Subaru for the race sponsorship and to the Alpine Inn for hosting our refreshments and awards on 

    The race results are here:

    • Saturday (SL): M&W 
    • Sunday (GS): M&W
    The family that ski races together, stays together. Fastest women Robin (Phillips), fastest man John Phillips and their parents Carolyn and Jim! 

    More photos:

    And finally the Sunday beer and pizza awards:

  • 12 Jan 2017 11:06 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    NWC Cup 1 was a successful weekend for our CMAC Athletes! Here are some of the highlights. 

    Day 1 GS
    Cat 1 Katie Holm 4th Overall
    Cat 1 Tess Baldwin 5th Overall
    Cat 1 Madeline Lafreniere 7th Overall
    Cat 2 Anna Gibbons 3rd 10th Overall
    Cat 2 Aili Moore 4th

    Cat 3 Tristan Thomson 1st

    Day 2 SL
    Cat 1 Katie Holm 1st Overall
    Cat 1 Tess Baldwin 3rd Overall
    Cat 2 Aili Moore 1st 6th Overall
    Cat 1 Izzy Buck 10th Overall

    Cat 1 Ty Ellis 4th Overall
    Cat 3 Tristan Thomson 1st

    Day 3 SL
    Cat 1 Tess Baldwin 5th Overall
    Cat 2 Anna Gibbons 2nd
    Cat 2 Aili Moore 4th
    Cat 3 Evie Wright 1st

    Cat 1 Ty Ellis 7th Overall
    Cat 3 Max Schoening 3rd

  • 22 Dec 2016 8:50 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    CMAC Day 1 GS Russ Read.

    • Madeline 3rd Cat 1
    • Katie 4th Cat 1
    • Aili 1st Cat 2
    • Will 1st Cat 3
    • Zach 3rd Cat 4

    CMAC dominated Day 2 of Russ Read


    • Katie 2nd Cat 1 (2nd Overall)
    • Madeline 4th Cat 1 (4th Overall)
    • Aili 1st Cat 2 (5th Overall)
    • Anna 5th Cat 2


    • Lewis 1st Cat 3
    • Willi 4th Cat 3
    • Zach 1st Cat 4
    • Billy 3rd Cat 4
    • Micheal 5th Cat 4
    • Oliver 4th Cat 5

    Russ Read Day 3 SG


    • Katie 3rd Cat 1
    • Aili 3rd Cat 2

    Men Cat 3 CMAC Sweep!

    • Lewis 1st
    • Graham 2nd
    • Willi 3rd

  • 06 Dec 2016 10:49 AM | CMAC (Administrator)
    Congratulations to Tess Baldwin for a podium in slalom at Sun Peaks!

  • 01 May 2016 2:58 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    Mission Ridge, March 30th- April 4th

    4 CMAC racers and 1 coach (functioning as both a CMAC and PNSA coach) attended this series of 6 races and were greeted great weather and an even better field. Alex Oseland, Tyler Ellis, Reed Lower, Peter Moe-Lange and Coach John Ellis enjoyed the Sunshine and were impressed by the strength of the skiers, including a few X-CMAC racers.  Unusual for the Northwest, the penalties for the races were generally lower than the average temperature.

    All of our CMAC racers put forth a great effort during this series and for the most part skied very well. However the level of competition made scoring pretty difficult. Our FIS kids would benefit from skiing with better competition on a regular basis so that skiing faster would become a normal habit. Coming away from this series, we learned more of what other skiers (and other teams) are doing to ski faster and we will incorporate this into our training and racing immediately. 

  • 26 Apr 2016 4:31 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    The NW Cup finals proved to be an incredibly fun finish to the season for our FIS and U16 racers. We also had a few U14 racers that qualified from the Buddy Champs. A small group of CMAC racers were able to attend the Thursday dual SL and had a blast. The kids loved the event despite baking the hot sunshine. Lot’s of salt was thrown and our kids skied fast. Sierra made the sweet 16 and Katie won the entire event after ten runs of racing! Great job girls.

    The next event was supposed to be SG, but they canceled due to fast melting snow, and hot temperatures, so we had a GS and two SL’s to finish out the season. We again had numerous podium finishes throughout the classes and CMAC won the NW Cup girls team title, finished third in the boys, and came in a close second in the overall team title. Congrats!

    In the overall events CMAC had some stellar performances this season.

    NW Cup overall individual titles:

    • Overall Girls Champion – Katie Holm
    • 3rd  Girls overall - Alex Oseland
    • 4th  Boys overall -  Ty Ellis
    • Individual Event Titles:
    • Girls DH 1st- Alex Oseland
    • Girls SG 1st- Katie Holm
    • Boys SG 2nd- Ty Ellis
    • GS  CMAC Girls Sweep in GS, Awesome: 1st- Katie Holm, 2nd Alex Oseland, 3rd- Tess Baldwin

    GS and Overall Champion Katie Holm:

    Katie Holm

  • 26 Apr 2016 4:28 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

    CMAC had a large group of competitors qualify for the Regional champs held at Mammoth Mt. CA, and three boys attended the CanAm champs at Panorama BC. The team went on to the finals and won the U16 overall season title for PNSA. Congrats!

    CMAC U16 Championship Team

    • Will Frohlich
    • Art Shoenstadt
    • Conner Niemann
    • Nash Smoll
    • Conner Budd
    • Max Lafreniere
    • Katie Holm
    • Maddie Lafreniere
    • Patsy Kerslake
    • Emma Moore
    • Isabella Buclk

    CanAm Team

    • Thomas Buckner
    • Wyatt Kray
    • Justin Sanders

    Max Schoening and Duncan Walker were invited to Canada but opted out.

    CanAm Team: Thomas Buckner, Wyatt Kray, Justin Sanders 

    Here is a photo during the free ski day in Mammoth.

  • 21 Apr 2016 10:47 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    This was a great wrap up for the speed events for the season.  We had some challenging conditions and long days on the hill to get the races completed, but they were incredible races for our CMAC athletes.  While athletes from other divisions were certain the race would be cancelled, our athletes were prepping the hill, getting warmed up and ready to race.  Alex Oseland had two of her best SG races of her career, cutting her points in half over the two races, winning the first SG.   Sierra Smithand Lydia Ringerhad great scores and move ups as well. For the men, Ty Ellisand Carson Homewoodboth cut their points significantly through the speed series.

  • 31 Mar 2016 2:43 PM | CMAC (Administrator)
    This event was an incredible opportunity for athletes to start fairly close to World Cup racers at a high level race close to home. Corbin Krayraced the downhill before a scary illness got him helicoptered to Vancouver.  He is doing well but still recovering.  Ty Ellisand Tristan LeCuyerdid the Super-G and Super combined races over the weekend, racing against Canadian world cup athletes like Manny Osborn-Paradis.  The venue was great, the snow held up well and Ty and Tristian got the opportunity to test themselves against some of the best in the world. 
  • 30 Mar 2016 10:48 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

    The Super-G’s at Stevens were on a brand new hill on the backside of the mountain.  They did a great job prepping the hill for the inaugural running.  It is a challenging hill, with a great steep section on the top, rolls and and gliding in the middle and a really tricky turn off of a jump into the final pitch.  I was the referee for both races and we needed to stop and make some adjustments to the course a few times to get athletes through all the gates. Overall CMAC did great at the race, withAbby OrfordSarah Hampsonand Anna Gibbonson the podium the first day, lots of top 5 and top 10 results and great point scores. 
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