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CMAC uses Sprongo to host all of our training and race video. With this tool, our racers will be able to review video, coaches can add comments and use drawing tools, and parents and other supporters can check in on how racers are doing at one site.

ACTION NEEDED: Access to Sprongo requires your registration. 

Sprongo access registration

    • 14 Aug 2023
    • Online Access

    Register for this "event" to get Sprongo access for the season. The cost is $20 for the season per athlete. (Be sure to log in to your athlete's CMAC account before registering - see the upper right of this page.)

    If you are having issues accessing or using Sprongo, contact Alan at alan@cmacskiracing.com

CMAC has made a substantial investment in this new program and we hope it will add a new dimension to our training program. We have established a team website, http://sprongo.com/team/view/481. We purchased new cameras for several coaches and we have funded a new paid position as team videographer.

In order to join our team’s video web site, you must register and then you will need to be invited. This keeps access only to team members and staff. In the next few days expect an email with an invitation. Just follow the link and then the directions on the Sprongo site and you will be set.


We think it is important for everyone to keep their expectations at a reasonable level. We will not be able to video every group, or every racer or every race. The Board has decided that for this first year we will concentrate the video on the J1/2 racers. At this age they are in the best position to review video on their own and make the appropriate modifications. We expect there to be a limited video of J3 and less for the Mitey-Mite racers. Occasionally a Prep group will be videotaped. This may change as we dial in the program, but for now, expect video for the older racers only.

Even then, we are certain that some racers will have video more often. There are lots of reasons for some racers having more video than others. It is not intentional and is not a reflection of the time and attention the coaches are giving your racers. For example, we expect there are times when the videographer is busy adjusting the camera and misses a racer, or a racer goes in to get new gloves and misses the video run. If you have a firm belief that your racer is missing video, first ask the coach. As program director, I am not going to be able to answer that question as easily as your child’s assigned coach.


This new program will require some rules. These are just like the other rules for CMAC and if there is a violation it will be treated like our other team rules.

1. Only coaches can add comments or drawings. Racers or parents cannot add comments to their own video or other racers.

2. Only coaches can delete video. Do not change or delete the video of any racers. If you want your own video deleted, contact your coach.

3. Only coaches can upload video. If you have your own video you want to upload, talk with your coach.

4. Only CMAC member email addresses and names may be used. No pseudonyms or avatars. All other accounts will be deleted.

5. Do not criticize another racers video. The coaches will do the coaching.

We want to hear your reaction. Coach John Ellis ( lowtoneone@msn.com) is the official videographer. You should contact either of them with your comments and suggestions. I will be actively involved along with the other coaches. You can speak to us as well.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the video.
Alan Lauba, Program Director

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