Awesome skiing at Webb Moffett!

31 Dec 2012 6:05 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

Webb Moffett Cup 12/30-31 Summit West
Thanks to John Ellis for assembling this race report!

CMAC  juniors had a GREAT weekend of racing at Snoqualmie despite some challenging conditions. The conditions at Snoqualmie both days featured a nice solid surface (that required virtually zero course maintenance) but poor to fair visibility which is tough especially at GS speeds. 

  • U14 Girls Swept the 1st 8 places: Katie Hensien 1st; Skylar Cooley 2nd; Sadie Kerslake 3rd; Abby Orford 4th; Sydney Janssen 5th; Caitlin Farrell 6th; Tess Baldwin 7th; and Jaxie Frey 8th. 
  • U14 Boys: Devin Toribio 2nd; Redd Lower 4th; Jack Koefoed 5th.
  • U16 Girls: Sarah Hampson 1st; Ella Pepin 3rd; Jordan Harrison 4th; Megan Wurden 5th; Talia Toland 6th; Sir Knudsen 8th; Sabrina Stamnes 9th.
  • U16 Boys: Reid Reininger 2nd; Henry Baldwin 3rd; Tyler Ellis 4th; Braydon Hall 7th; Joe Hayes 8th; Corbin Kray 10th.
  • U18/21 Girls: Kelsey Stamnes: 4th.
  • U18/21/Adult Men: Jeff Kray 3rd (!)


CMAC REALLY dominated with 4 1st places, 4 2nds, and 3 3rds.

  • U14 Girls: Katie Hensien 1st; Skylar Cooley 2nd; Tess Baldwin 3rd; Sadie Kerslake 4th; Abby Orford 5th; Sydney Janssen 6th; Caitlin Farrell 8th; Jaxie Frey 10th.
  • U14 Boys: Devin Toribio 1st; Spencer Wright 2nd; Reed Lower 4th; Jack Koefoed 7th; Sebastian Chrysafidis 8th.
  • U16 Girls: Alex Oseland 1st; Ella Pepin 2nd; Megan Wurden 3rd; Jordan Harrison 5th; Sarah Hampson 7th; Siri Knudsen 9th; Talia Toland 10th.
  • U16 Boys: Henry Baldwin 1st; Tyler Ellis 2nd; Reid Reininger 3rd; Braydon Hall 5th; Corbin Kray 8th, Joe Hayes 9th.
  • U18 Girls: Kelsey Stamnes 4th.
  • U18/21/99 Men: Jeff Kray 6th. 
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CMAC wins both men's and women's move-up awards: