2013 Western Region U16 Junior Olympics

25 Mar 2013 6:59 AM | CMAC (Administrator)
Awesome performances by CMAC athletes at U16: Tyler Ellis, Jordan Harrison and Alex Oseland!

The CMAC racers enjoyed a cold week up in Alaska. The temps were below 10 degrees in the morning, and with not much warming during the days. Very different than the spring we are enjoying down here in Seattle. The Alyeska ski resort is around 100 feet above sea level, which makes for an interesting climate. plus the days start late and last long this time of year. The hill opens to public at 10:30AM, but they skied in the bright sunshine at 6PM in the evening. 

The snow on the race courses was very hard and perfect for racing. The US Academy team provided some tough competition for all of our racers but our CMAC kids scored some respectable results and showed that they are in striking distance of the leaders. We will need a strong off season training program that will improve our strength and agility, and our kids can close the gap and score with the best next sesaon. It will just take some serious hard work, determination and commitment to being a better athlete. Along with that, we found out that racing with a bit more fearlessness will go a long way. Being stronger will give the confidence to lay it on the line, and go for it, rather than holding back and skiing defensive. 

Here's a full recap from Paul Mahre: Congrats to all PNSA U-16 members for a very successful championships up in Alaska. Tanner Lujan of MBSEF grabbed a 2nd in both Super G's and a 4th in the GS. Qualifying for the U-16 NDS project in Park City. Elyse Burandt-SSRA placed 3rd in SG #2, and a 5th in the slalom. Tyler Ellis -CMAC 4th in SG #2, followed by Trevor Maxwell-CWSC-5th, Preston Nelson-8th, and Nathan Gunnesch -MHA-10th. Michael Estrella-SSRA -6th in the GS. Jordan Harrison- CMAC 7th, 8th in the SG's. Alex Oseland-CMAC-8th in the slalom, and Gracie Struthers-MRST-10th in the GS

To sum up some of CMAC results.

  • Jordy Harrison GS -14th- only 2 seconds out second run,  SG- 8th and 7th
  • Alex Oseland  SL- 8th  - 1.8 seconds out second run,  DH -5th
  • Ella Pepin SG 27 ,   DH 4 and 6th
  • Talia Toland SG 13th
  • Allie Frey SL 33rd
  • Sarah Hampson Sg 25th
  • Megan Wurden SL 48th
  • Siri Knudsen SL 53rd

  • Ty Ellis SG 4tth and 27th , DH 8th and 4th
  • Henry Baldwin GS 22nd - 2.2 seconds out second run
  • Reid Reininger GS 29th
  • Tristan LeCuyer DH 17th
  • Braydon Hall DH 5th, SG 23rd
  • Corbin Kray DH 13th

However, enjoy the view from Alyeska: (thanks to Alan for the photo)