Russ Read 2013 (Mt Bachelor)

30 Dec 2013 3:18 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

Ice Storm at the Russ Read races!  Due to the poor conditions here at home, many of our CMAC racers made the trek to Mt. Bachelor to race in the Russ Read GS. The weather went for form good to impossible. We had a nice first run of GS and then the ice storm hit. Raining and 26 degrees. The water was freezing so quickly on our jackets that the ice was breaking of like pieces of glass. They rescheduled the 2nd run for Saturday morning , but then all the lifts were frozen and could not operate. It was beautiful sunshine at noon, but we could not get up the mountain to race. They finally had the 2nd run two days later on Sunday morning and then ran a second full GS race, so three runs in one day. We ended up with a very good race experience with a few podium finishes and some excellent move ups.


Christian Hanseler and Katie Hensien both came away with Third place overall and Katie Holm won the girls move up award. On Monday we all stuck around for some SL training. Thanks to Mt. Bachelor for letting us have some training space. We had a nice weekend of training and racing.

(Thanks to Alan Lauba for this race report!)