NW Cup racing at Schweitzer

14 Jan 2014 7:34 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

The CMAC FIS team would like to give a big THANKS to SARS (Schweitzer Alpine Racing School) and Schweitzer Mountain for allowing us to train with them up at Schweitzer!

Over Christmas break CMAC FIS team got the opportunity to go over to Schweitzer for some early morning SG and GS training due to the low snow at Crystal. After four days of excellent training on great snow conditions and some hard work setting up B-Net the FIS team was ready to tackle the NW Cup races at Schweitzer.

Four days of challenging races saw some great move-ups and results for the FIS team. Overall our entire team showed huge improvement throughout the training and races.  Keith McNabb finished 5th and 6th in the two SGs and 4th in one of the GSs. Andrew Osborne had a 10th place result in SG and a 13th in GS. Lawrence Dickey finished 12th in a GS. For the ladies Jordan Harrision finished 15th one of the GSs and Lily Eriksen CMAC alum finished 6th in one of the SGs.

Points-wise our team did very well! Charles LeCuyer, Riley Hunter, Mitch Stone, Andy Koefoed, Andrew Osborne, Lawrence Dickey, Christian Hanseler, Stephanie Frey, and Natalie McFall all lowered their points in one or both events! Our first year FIS athletes Corbin Kray, Liam Fenn, Braydon Hall, Reid Reininger, Jordan Harrison, Allie Frey, Sarah Hampson, Siri Knudsen, and Megan Wurden all scored and gave themselves some great points to start off the year in GS and SG!

Thanks to Matt Hammond for this report!