Sun Cup DH: More Podium Finishes and two more Sun Cup Wins for CMAC

26 Feb 2014 3:32 PM | CMAC (Administrator)

After the Sun Cup SG, the sun came out for a spectacular Sun Cup DH event. The snow was excellent all week. The kids and parents were enjoying the soft snow free skiing, but then it stopped snowing on Friday and the track firmed up just enough to have some great DH racing. Our U18 Nationals DH racer Andrew Osborne kicked off with a 3rd, and then was 1st on Sunday. Katie Hensien was 1st and 4th. Congrats again to two more Sun Cup DH winners!

We had plenty of top scores as the FIS kids came back to race with our U16's. Including move up awards by Tess, Spencer and Katie. Defending Champ Nick Wurden finally got going on the last day to post an excellent 6th place finish, with Charlie getting a couple top 10's. On the girls side, Jordy was very consistent with 3rd and 2nd, as was Alex with 4th and 3rd. Talia came through with an awesome 9th on the last day after she missed a run due to a screw driver incident. You'll have to ask her about that that one!

There was a huge improvement through the week as we emphasized tucking, line, carving and strong body alignment. We are getting pretty good at speed events, and all we need to be better is experience. Just attend as many DH races as possible and you'll find yourself on the NorAm, Europa Cup or World Cup circuit someday! Go CMAC

Below is a link to one of the best runs of the week by one of our outstanding rookies Reed Lower. He is executing all the elements, tucking, line, carving, alignment, and the sheer desire for speed! We found that the last element, "sheer desire for speed" is the most important one for being fast.

Also, we wish the best to Evie and her recovery. She lost her pole and glove out of the start gate, which made it very difficult to manage the camel bumps and she had an unfortunate crash. We hope to see you soon on the hill again Evie.