Congratulations on winning the Buddy Werner Championship Team Overall!!!

19 Mar 2014 6:08 AM | CMAC (Administrator)
I am SO proud of all of you! As a group we kicked butt this weekend! The boys team was 2nd overall and the girls team tied for 1st overall! We truly could not have won this without the awesome results from everyone! Especially the people who attacked from the back, you made the differene between 1st and 2nd place in the end! CMAC also won 5 out of the 6 Move Up Awards!!

A HUGE thank you to all the parents, volunteers and coaches that helped to put on this amazing race last weekend! It was an absolutely awesome weekend!

Some Special Mentions (We had lots! Excuse me if I left someone out)

SG Women
  • Katie Holm 3rd
  • Leah Blanchard 5th
  • Grace Pepin 13th
  • Patsy Kerslake 16th
  • Piper O' Kane wins Move Up award with 79 spots!!!
SG Men
  • Tristan Thomson- 4th
  • Conner Niemann- 13th
  • Duncan Walker- 15th
  • Max Lafreniere - 17th
  • Joshua Sherbrooke wins Move Up award!!!!!!!
 GS Women- 8 girls in top 20!!!
  • Katie Holm- 2nd
  • Izzy Buck- 8th
  • Patsy Kerslake- 10th
  • Gigi Olsen- 12th
  • Leah Blanchard- 13th
  • Grace Pepin- 15th
  • Madeline Lafreniere- 17th
  • Gracie Jendrezak- 19th
GS Men
  • Simon Toribio- 15th
  • Max Lafreniere- 19th
  • JoJo Broussard- 21st and the Move Up Award!!
  • Wyatt Kray- 23rd
  • Thomas Buckner- 25th
 SL Women
  • Katie Holm- 1st!!
  • Gracie Jendrezak- 6th
  • Madeline Lafreniere- 18th
  • Patsy Kerslake- 34th and Move Up Award!
 SL Men
  • Carter Jendrezak- 2nd
  • JoJo broussard- 12th and Move Up Award!!!!!
  • Nash Smoll- 16th

I'd like to congratulate Katie Holm on tying for 1st place as the girl's overall Champion for the weekend!

Thanks to Brice for this report!