2015 Northwest Cup #2 - Stevens Pass

05 Feb 2015 9:29 AM | CMAC (Administrator)

While everyone else in the Seattle area was getting ready for the Seahawks' second run at a Superbowl game last weekend, ski racers and their families headed up to Steven's Pass for a great Northwest Cup GS.  The race went off fairly smoothly, so most people were able to watch the game on Sunday also!  Our racers showed the strength and depth of the CMAC program with 4-5 kids in the top 15 on both the boys' and girls' sides both days!  Our excellent ski race program shines through when you watch a race like this one.  Great skiing across the board!

On Saturday, congratulations go out to Alex, Jordy, Talia, Tess and Sydney who placed 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 11th respectively!  The rest of the girls finished as follows:  Makaela (16), Megan (28), Sarah (31), Hailey (35), Sierra (36), Abby (43), and Piper (56).   For the boys, we had Andrew, Christian, Ty and Tristan L. in the top fifteen, placing 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 12th!  Great job!  We also had Reed at 17th, Corbin 21st, Will F. 37th, Andy 39th, Conner N. 48th, Jack 54th, Max L. 55th, Justin 56th, Wyatt 59th, Thomas 60th, Sebastian 62nd, Blake 65th, Liam 66th, and Carson 71st. 
We all wish the best to Peter Moe-Lang, who went down in a toboggan after a big fall on Saturday.  Peter, we hope to see you on the mountain soon!

On Sunday, CMAC girls who finished on the first page were Jordy (5th), Sydney (6th), Tess (9th), and Sadie (13th).  Following close behind, we saw Megan finish 16th, Hailey 24th, Sierra 25th, Talia 27th, Makaela 30th, and Piper 50th.  CMAC's own Andrew Osborne won the race on Sunday!  Also finishing in the top seed for boys, CMAC had Ty at 8th, Corbin at 13th, and Tristan L. at 14th.  The rest of the boys finished as follows: Devon (21), Will F. (32), Andy (36), Tristan T. (40), Conner N. (43), Jack (44), Justin (47), Blake (49), Sebastian (51), Max L. (52), Wyatt (53), and Liam (55). 

It's really amazing how many great racers we have as a team, and it's fun to watch the development of skills at all levels of this sport.  Whether the athlete is winning or racing in their first Northwest Cup ever, the excitement abounds; we as parents and coaches support every one of you kids!!!   Keep up all the hard work!