Saturday Advanced Prep Program

The Advanced Prep program is a very versatile program. We will have some groups that will train and race a bit more than the 11-and-under Prep program and some groups that free ski more than the 11-and-under Prep program. We will cater to each of the groups desires and needs. Some groups may be purely all mountain skiers, with only a few days of stubby gates, brushes, or some sort of gates to help with skills and technique. The goal is to create excellent skiers and introduce racing. For the kids that start to enjoy the racing, increase the opportunity as the season progresses. The program starts with the holiday camp to jump start the participants skill development early in the season.

This program is for U14 and U16 age groups. Priority is given the U14s (12-13 year olds) if the program capacity is reached.

We created this program to accommodate the racers that do not have time or are not ready to enter the Junior 1-Day or Junior full time program. It is an extension of the Prep program with a slightly longer season and can more racing oriented for those that choose this path. As such, the program does not accept new registrants not moving up from a CMAC Mighty Mite program.

The Advanced Prep will begin with a 3 day holiday camp following Christmas. It will run every Saturday into early March. Racers will be encouraged to attend the race weekends all at Crystal, with an option to attend the U14 championships as well.  

Racers from the Prep program, and the Sunday only MM program are encouraged to sign up. 


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Season Schedule

The schedule for this season can be found here.

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