Mighty Mite Race Program

Program Information

CMAC offers multiple Mighty Mite Programs for the racers 7-11 years old (U8/U10/U12). These programs emphasize technical skiing and race tactics. All Mighty Mite program participants must wear helmets when they are skiing with CMAC.

Parent Reps

Each year CMAC parents step up to volunteer to connect with the other families within a respective age group.  They are available to answer your questions, always open to hearing your ideas and will organize opportunities for connecting with each other. This years reps are listed here.


We will organize groups by age and ability as best we can. We may shift your child to a different group during the first few sessions.

Daily Schedule

Most of the time we will begin with directed free skiing. This is the most important time of the day for learning. The coaches will instruct the kids on stance, carving, balance, etc., by doing different drills, or by taking them to challenging terrain.

If the kids are executing the new skills well, then it is time to bring them into drill courses and gate training. The afternoon sessions will be more dedicated to this type of training. A typical daily schedule follows:

  • 8:20 Coaches meet at shack for morning meeting
  • 8:30 Meet Athletes

  • 9:00 Gate Training 

  • 11:15 Drop racers at base area for LUNCH
  • 12:45 Gather racers at base area
  • 12:45 Leave base area for training
  • 3:00 Drop racers at base area - End of day

This is only an example, but all elements of learning are included in this example. Skiing on challenging terrain all day is sometimes much better for a young skier. Gate training is only part of becoming a great skier and racer.

Lodging at away races

Use the CMAC lodging information to book your hotel reservations.  


  • If you've missed any CMAC emails, you can read the recent ones here.
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MM Race Calendar

The season calendar for the Mighty Mite Race Program is here.

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