Crossfit gyms around the city are an excellent way to get in to top shape. Many athletes from all types of sports use crossfit to enhance their fitness.  For older athletes, Scott Macartney can help you put together an advanced training program. Email  Alan if you are interested. Libby Ludlow, and Jilyne McDonald plan to offer some girls fitness days this coming fall, I'll keep you posted.

Another great training program is offered at   Libby really likes their program, and Scott has utilized their programs as well.

Other sports like track and soccer are great, but adding strength, core and agility training to your program goes a long way. Here is a link to some interesting training programs. Remember, there is no one way to train, there are many ways to get quick, fast, strong, agile, flexible, etc., bottom line is find a place, the time and method to pursue your fitness and make the most of it.

Mental training

Also here are some good books on Mental training:

  • With Winning in Mind by Lanny Basham
  • Mind Gym by Gary Mack
  • Prime Ski Racing: Triumph of the Racer's Mind by Jim Taylor (Jim Taylor has worked with many ski racers, so I'm sure it has some excellent information.)


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