Governance and policies

CMAC is run by the Program Director, Alan Lauba. The governance of the club is overseen by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors:

  • has general authority over all of the business and activities of CMAC, and is ultimately in charge of making or delegating all decisions regarding CMAC and its management, 
  • is a working board in that members are actively engaged in projects and responsibilities beyond board meetings,
  • meets regularly once a month (with occasional special meetings), usually on a Monday at 6:00pm,
  • is all volunteer, and
  • is listed here.
Members of the board,
  • serve two year terms (limited to six years on the board)
  • must have a US Ski and Snowboard (USSS) membership (apply at  An Alpine Volunteer is the minimum requirement, although it would be better to register as an Alpine Official and take an officials training course this fall. New board members, please send your USSS ID number to the Program Administrator when you register since membership status is tracked on the Board of Directors contacts page.

  • must keep their USSS membership current annually by taking all required training. This is a requirement for CMAC to remain in good standing with USSS.

  • are expected to train as a race official with USSS and recruit at least 3 additional officials. 

  • are expected to attend all, or nearly all, regular meetings, and to be available for committees, projects and events between meetings
  • select from among themselves the president and other officers of the club

All CMAC staff, parent representatives, head coaches and the Board of Directors can be found at the Contact Us page.  


  • Bylaws - Approved April 2010; updated March 2024. 

Board of Director Meeting Attendance

If any CMAC member wants to attend a meeting of the Board of Directors, you can request to be invited by contacting the board president at

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