Q: What are options for ski racers as they move to college after CMAC?

A: Ski racing in college is a great way for athletes to continue to grow and enjoy the thrill of ski racing. There are two organizations which govern college ski racing: the NCAA for the small number of schools with Division 1 race programs, and the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association which is a much broader organization. PNSA has sent skier both to Division 1 schools and many more skiers to USCSA program schools. USCSA programs are often club programs, but there are a number of schools with varsity USCSA programs. There is more information in the USCSA Handbook. Division 1 is very serious ski racing, where many of the racers are former national team racers from the US, Canada and Europe. More information is available at PNSA's college page. A great summary of college racing opportunities can be found in this document on Skiing Pathways After College prepared by former CMAC president Alden Garrett and others. To get a feeling of the points that NCAA Division 1 athletes have, here are two tables for you below

PNSA athletes at the USCSA National Championships in 2013

Collegiate athletes from PNSA at the 2013 USCSA Nationals at Sun Valley.  From left to right these are Ellie Tansley, Morgan Duffy, Paul Koetke, McKenna McNabb, Katie Ulvestad, Lisa Koetke, Lily Erikson and Christian Schuster.

1. A summary of east and west US schools (from Fall 2014):

2. A breakdown of the eastern NCAA schools (from Fall 2014):

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