ABOUT RACING: Your First SKi race

Q: Does my child have to race?

Q: Can kids in the prep season compete in the Warm Up Slalom and the Mighty Mite GS?
 Your child may enter any of the races providing they are members of the USSA and are the appropriate age. Some races such as the Cherry Tree Charge’s Super G race is only open to older skiers only. We dorecommend you discuss race entry with your child’s coach as they can best advise whether they feel your child is ready or not. Information on CMAC's home races is available here

Q: Does my child need a USSA number to race? How soon should I apply for it?
 Yes your child needs be a member of USSA to take part in PNSA (Pacific Northwest Ski Association) MM races (such as the Warm Up Slalom and the Cherry Tree Charge that is put on by CMAC). Applications are completed on line through www.USSA.org . Prep skiers do NOT need to be members of USSA if they ONLY race in the Sally McNabb Cup. Prep skiers will need USSA memberships if they choose to race in other races.

Q: How do you enter a race?
All CMAC races will have online registration. See details in the specific race page. All races are listed hereFor race registration questions, contact CMAC's race administrator at RaceAdmin@cmacskiracing.com.  

Q: Can we keep the bibs, they’d make a great souvenir? When do I return the bib?
A: Bibs MUST be turned in. If your child is only racing the first day of a two day race series then you need to make sure your child’s bib is given to an official in the finish area. On the last day of a race series, usually a Sunday, a volunteer will be in the finish area collecting bibs as the kids cross the finish line.  All bibs not turned in will incur a $50 charge.

Q: Can my child compete in all races?
 Both prep season and full season kids are welcome to enter all PNSA MM races. USSA rules limit Super G races to U14 or above. Only prep season kids can race in the Sallie McNabb cup which is a club only race at the end of their season.

Q: In what races do Prep skiers compete?
 The Prep program’s only scheduled race is our club race, the Sallie McNabb Cup, on the last day of the Prep season. However, Prep skiers can choose to compete in any PNSA race (such as the Warm Up Slalom and Cherry Tree Charge at Crystal) so long as they have their USSA membership. Depending on schedules, they may miss a training day in order to race.

Q: When should we be at the mountain on race day?
A: We recommend you arrive at the mountain at 7:30 a.m. thereby having plenty of time to collect your child’s bib, have them go to the bathroom and eat some breakfast. They need to be at the top of the race course to meet their coach for a course inspection by 9:00 a.m.

Q: How does the race day format go, i.e. which age groups go first, when’s lunch etc? Do I take my kid through the course? Why is course inspection important? How can I make sure my child doesn't miss inspection?
 Apart from the super G race where the kids get only one run each child will have two runs per race day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Usually the younger children go first, girls then boys, followed be increasingly older children. It is very important that your child arrives at the mountain in good time to make course inspection. By inspecting the course he or she will be familiar with what they are skiing and the best line to take. Course inspection is a very important part of ski racing that they need to learn. In the morning have your child at the top of course by 9:00 ready for course inspection. When your child has completed their first run take them off for some lunch then return them to the mountain ready for afternoon inspection. After the last person skis their run there is an interval of about one hour before the second run begins.

Q: Can I slip the course with my child?
 If your child has missed his or her coach then yes but make sure you start the slip at the top of the course and officials know that you are on course with your child. Never duck under the rope.

Q: Can I be inside the race course on race days?
 Except for the above, only if you are working on the course.

Q: What if they fall (DNF) or miss a gate (DQ)?
 We do let all kids take both runs even if they DNF or DQ the first run. They will however not get a combined time.

Q: What should my child do if he/she misses a gate?
 If they are not too far down then climb up and go around. If they find themselves a distance from the gate then ski out of the course.

Q: What should my child do if a ski comes off during a race?
 The racer or a coach or course worker should p
ick his or her ski up and the racer should clear the course immediately. After the ski/s have been put back on, if the child is still within the roped off race course area (race arena) the child should then exit by ducking under the rope. Do not reenter the course.

Q: What if my child’s ski comes off at the end of the course and they travel through the finish gate standing up – does the run count?

Q: How far down are medals given?
 That depends entirely on the host team. CMAC usually give medals through 10th place.

Q: How do away races work? Do we send coaches?
 The only away races CMAC sends coaches to are the Bantam Cup at White Pass and May Day at Mt. Bachelor. To enter away races you need to go to the host mountain’s web site and download the entry form, or enter on line if the option is given. As with all races make certain you arrive at the venue early and your child slips the course before racing. Prep program skiers can also compete in these races provided they have a USSA membership. We recommend that Prep skiers/parents discuss this with their coach first. The Prep coach may not be at the race, so Prep skiers will meet with the full-season coaches at the race.

Q: Who is responsible for parents’ and children’s accommodation at away races?
 You are responsible for making your own bookings.  Click here to see options and contact information for selected resorts.

Top Tips for a successful CMAC Mighty Mite race

  1. This is such a fun race and positive outlooks make all the difference to everyone!  The kids have been working hard and I can’t wait to see them all give it their all and dream big!
  2. All CMAC racers qualified to race have automatically been signed up for this home race.
  3. Please arrive early to get your child’s bib, and race schedule. Main lodge – for registration and bib pick up.  Watch for an email with schedule and times.
  4. The race will go on regardless of weather as long as the course safety requirements for visibility and snow conditions are met. So come prepared with proper clothing.
  5. Warm Up SL is Saturday and Sunday.  They run the course twice each day.  Girls go first then boys.  After 1 run each the coaches reset the course, then the girls will start their second run.
  6. Remember to turn your bib in after the last race run on Sunday, it’s a $50 charge for lost bib.
  7. You are responsible for helping your child during the day as many coaches will be working the race and inspecting the course with groups of kids, please have your child in a race suit or in their ski gear and up at the start.  Helmets are required.
  8. Please be patient, there is waiting time between runs.  This often is the best time to hang with your kids and their friends in the world!
  9. Once your skier has completed the course, watch the posted time for the 2nd run start and plan accordingly for a snack on the hill or quick lunch in the lodge.  It can be a quick turn around.
  10. Coaches will be talking to kids about how to improve from run to run throughout the day.  Kids should ask questions.
  11. AWARDS will be at the CMAC shacks, about one hour after the last racer.  More parents there, the better!!!  Grab a drink in the lodge and head to the shacks.
  12. Please cheer on all RACERS, the 12th is here for everyone and the roar is great!
  13. Also hug a volunteer, we can’t race without them!

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