Advanced Prep Season Schedule: 2023-2024

Our program begins with a Holiday camp between Christmas and New Years. The camp will be three days with a primary focus to evaluate our athletes' skills, re-address USSA/CMAC skiing skills, practice these drills on the mountain and as well as in a GS course. Athletes should be prepared with skis for GS training unless we have some deep pow, in which case the fat skis are fine.  

The following is a detailed schedule for the season:

  • Holiday Camp - December 27-29
  • Week 1 - January 6  Directed skill development 
  • Week 2 - January 13 Directed skill development 
  • Week 3  - January 20 - Directed skill development 
  • Week 4 - January 27 - GS Training and Free Skiing
  • Week 5 - February 3- GS Training and Free Skiing
  • Week 6 - February 10 - GS Training and Free Skiing
  • Week 7 - February 17-18 - Cherry Tree Charge GS Race
  • Week 8 - February 24 - GS Training and Free Skiing
  • Week 9 - March 2 - GS Training and Fee Skiing
  • Week 10 - March 9 - Race Sallie McNabb Cup GS

We look forward to meeting all of you soon on the hill as the snow flies. Please keep active and fit in preparation for the season and try to get a few days in your boots before camp.

If you have questions, my personal email or cell number is fine.

As always,
Mauritz Winquist

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