Q: Do I have to volunteer? Can’t I just donate make a donation?
A: CMAC is a volunteer run organization. It takes over 50 people per day to put on a race.  There are times when it is impossible and we understand that so we offer a buy out option.   But it really is important that EVERYBODY knows that our volunteer contributions directly impact the success of the Club.

Q: How do I find out what volunteer positions are available? How do I find out what the job entails?
A: Click here to go to our Volunteering section of our website. Here you can get more information on specific jobs and can signup at the ShredReg volunteer portal. If you have any questions, you can contact our volunteer coordinator April at volunteer@cmacskiracing.com.

Q: I think I signed up months ago...  how can I check when I signed up to do?
A: To check what you've signed up for, you can check that here.

Q: Do I need special training?
A: The majority of volunteer positions don't require special training. We'll give you complete instructions and opportunities to try out various positions. Most important to us is that you just need some enthusiasm and the willingness to give it a go!

Q: Can anyone volunteer?.
A: If you have any friends of family members that would like to volunteer to work a race and earn a Crystal Mountain lift ticket just point them to our signup page. They can sign up at visitor for most races without the need of a ShredReg account. (However, for fulfilling volunteer requirements, you must register using an account at ShredReg.) 

Q: What's the best thing about volunteering?
A: You get the best seat at the event! 

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