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Cherry Tree Charge
(Mighty Mite GS)

february 15-17, 2025


Race announcement


  • GS on Saturday and Sunday
  • 1x SG training run and 1x SG 2-run race (2 runs combined) on Monday


  • Gold Hills


  • U8 to U12 for GS (includes CMAC Advanced Prep)

  • U12 and U14 for SG


    Hard ear helmet required. Learn more

    As stated in the USSS Alpine Guide there are two new rule changes for U12 and younger sanctioned events:

    • Waxing - No waxing solution can be applied at a competition venue.  Additionally, the use of ski preparation benches is not allowed at a competition venue.
    • Skis - U12 - two pairs (SL, GS), length ski/size appropriate. Athletes can only use one pair per race (inspection and competition). 


    Contact Molly Dennehy at  RaceAdmin@CMACSkiRacing.com

    Late registration

    Using the QR Code below, submit the appropriate payment. Be sure to specify the name of your athlete as a note. Payments:

    1. Late fee: $10 per day
    2. Registration + late fee: $45 per day

    Payment option 1: PayPal QR Code

    Payment option 2: PayPal form below
    Enter the name of the athlete and the race below, then click "Buy Now"
    and you'll be able to enter the amount of payment.

    Athlete name and race


    Results from prior years races are here


    Helmets are required for all CMAC training and racing. Note that a soft ear helmet is only permissible in a slalom race. A hard ear helmet is required for GS and SG races. Learn moreh


    We welcome volunteers from visiting teams! Volunteers  will receive a lift ticket for the day and a sack lunch.  If you are interested in being a volunteer, please visit our ShredReg volunteer portal to sign up, or email our volunteer coordinator at: volunteer@cmacskiracing.com.

    Live Timing

    You may follow the race live at www.live-timing.com

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