Welcome to the CMAC Store!

Support your team and get your CMAC branded gear here. At various times of the year, we accept orders for CMAC gear including:

  • CMAC Hats, Hoodies, Shirts & more: these are ordered in batches during the season.

  • Team uniforms and gear:
  • Ski Straps and Stickers: at the registration desk before races and occasionally in the lunch room, we'll have more CMAC stuff for sale including ski straps and stickers! The ski straps are $6/pair, and the stickers are $2 for the large and $1 for the small size. 

    The ski straps are the highest quality - no water-absorbing foam. These have a tough rubber strip to separate your skis. Plus its been scientifically proven that you just look cooler with CMAC straps. 

All proceeds go to supporting CMAC's Fund for Excellence!

Questions? Email Dale at ProgramAdmin@cmacskiracing.com 

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