Q: Where and when do the kids meet?
A: On Saturday and Sunday kids meet at the CMAC shacks at 8:30 a.m. ready to depart and train at 8:45 a.m. sharp.  The location of the shacks is shown on the map below (see the green star). If you're dropping off family members, you can do this at the top of A-Lot (and never in the Silver Skis/Gold Hills lot.)

Q: Are kids expected to ski by themselves while the coaches are setting courses?
A: Yes full season (Sundays) Mighty Mites will often be given some drills while gates are being set. Prep season kids (Saturdays) will be skiing with their coaches.

Q: What if they are late?
A: Check Gold Hills to see if your racer’s group is there training. If not we suggest you do some family free skiing and perhaps you’ll run into the group. Most CMAC Mighty Mite coaches have a red/black coat. Look for a CMAC coach and ask them radio to find the location of your racer’s group – but make certain you know the full name of your racer’s coach. Failing any of these options, meet the group after lunch.

Q: What if it is raining?
 We still train but recommend bringing some extra clothing, particularly gloves. Hey it’s the Pacific Northwest.

Q: If the mountain shuts down due to bad weather where will I find my children?
A: At the beginning of the season your child’s coach will establish a meeting area for lunch and end of day. This area will also be the meeting place in the case of mountain shut down.

Q: Are kids expected to come on a regular basis
 Yes, it is best if your child attends on a regular basis; however, we understand that families take vacations and if it is a ski vacation – great.

Q: If they miss a day can they make it up at another time?
A: No, we do not have a system to do “make ups”.

Q: When do they take lunch?
A: 11:30 to 12:45. It is important that you pick your child up promptly from the agreed meeting area to allow plenty of time for both you and your child’s coach to have lunch.

Q: Should my child have money/snack in their pocket?
 Yes, particularly the younger children who tend to become cold quicker than the older children. That way the coach can take a “warm-up” cocoa stop with the children.

 What time in the afternoon are they dismissed?
 3:00 p.m. at the agreed meeting point. We ask that you please be punctual in picking up your child both for their sake and their coach’s sake.

Q: Can they carry a family radio/cell phone with them?
A: Yes; however, sometimes the coach will ask that radios/phones be turned off as they can be a distraction. We recommend that you keep your radio/phone on and let your child be the one to contact you rather than the other way around.

Q: What happens if they get hurt?
 Your child will be taken to the Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol. Your child’s coach will endeavor to contact you. Please become aware of the reader boards at the bottom of all lifts as this may be a means to reach you.

Q: What happens if they get separated from their group?
 Your skier should ski down to the bottom of the last lift that they rode, and wait/look there for the coach. While waiting, they should stop ANY CMAC coach and ask them to radio their coach. If the child still can not locate their coach after some time, they should ski to the CMAC meeting area.

Q: What do coaches do if one child has to go to the bathroom?
A: Older kids, J4s, training gates will be allowed to go and come back on their own. The coach and his or her group will wait for the younger children.

Q:Where do they do their gate training? Do they gate train all day?
A: Gate training is done almost entirely on Gold Hills (Chair 7) and if not there, on Quick Silver (Chair 4). They will do a combination of free skiing and gate training during the day.

Q: Where do they do their free skiing?
 That is driven entirely by ability and conditions. If they are a strong skier, just about anywhere on the mountain.

Q: Can parents shadow/accompany training?
 It's best to just to let the coach do their job. Remember you child is not alone, he or she is surrounded with teammates.

Q: Can I train with the kids?
 No, as this can take away from the training of program Mighty Mites. Parents who want to learn or practice gate training should join the Masters Program. The Masters program often trains on the same hill as the kids.

Q: How do coaches feel about me coaching my child?
 During a training day, it is best if the kids learn from their coach and the coaching staff. This maintains consistency of the skills being taught and prevents kids from become confused and frustrated.

Q: Do the coaches want to talk with me after training days?
 The programs are designed so that usually there is no need for coaches to talk with parents after the training day. The program will follow the posted calendar.

Q: If I would like to talk to my child’s coach, when is best time?
A: At the CMAC shack at 8:30 AM before training starts, before or after lunch, on the chair lift, or at the end of the training day. Be mindful of the coach’s time constraints. One of the best ways to communicate with your child’s coach is via email and that information is listed right here on the CMAC web site. Concerns or questions with CMAC policy should be directed to Alan Lauba, or one of the CMAC board members.

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