Mighty Mite SL

January 13-14, 2024

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  • 2x single pole SL


  • U8, U10, U12 athletes


  • Gold Hills


Helmet required (hard ear helmet is required for all disciplines except slalom). Learn more

As stated in the 2020 Alpine Guide there are two new rule changes for U12 and younger sanctioned events:

  • Waxing - No waxing solution can be applied at a competition venue.  Additionally, the use of ski preparation benches is not allowed at a competition venue.
  • Skis - U12 - two pairs (SL, GS), length ski/size appropriate. Athletes can only use one pair per race (inspection and competition). 


  • IMPORTANT: Registration required for all participants.
  • Visit https://www.skireg.com/mitey-mite-sl to register
  • CMAC Mighty Might Race Program U8-U12 athlete entries and fees for Saturday and Sunday were included in tuition.  CMAC Advanced Prep program athlete entries are included for Saturday only.
  • Please register on SkiReg.com using the CMAC category.
  • Entry fee for visitors or athletes from the Mighty Mite Prep Program is $35/day. 
  • USSA membership NOT required.
  • For race registration questions, contact CMAC's race administrator at RaceAdmin@cmacskiracing.com.  


  • Tuesday, January 9
  • Late registration are subject to the Race Admin discretion and will incur a $10 late fee charge.
  • CMAC reserves the right to limit the field size.


  • Racer tickets are available at the race registration check in.
  • The cost will be $40 per day.
  • Coaches and volunteers are complimentary.


  • Bib packet pick up at finish shack by coaches during inspection period.

  • Coaches will distribute bibs to their groups. 

  • A $50 fine will be charged for missing bibs.


Start order will again be by groups.

We will set two courses for the first run and two courses for the second run: a U8/10 mixed gender course, and a U12 mixed gender course.

  • 8:30 Athlete load (U8/10s at 8:30, U12s at 8:45)
  • 8:30-9:15 First run inspection 
  • 9:25 Fore-runners 
  • 9:30-10:15 U8/10 First race run
  • 10:15-10:25 switch over to U12 course - gatekeepers, finish gates, etc. ‚Äč*
  • 10:25 Fore-runners *
  • 10:30-11:15 U12 First race run *
  • 12:00-12:45 Second run inspection 
  • 12:55 Fore-runners 
  • 1:00-1:45 U8/10 Second race run
  • 1:45-1:55 switch over to U12 course *
  • 1:55 Fore-runners *
  • 2:00-2:45 U12 Second race run *

* These times are estimates for planning purposes, we will switch to the U12 course immediately following U10s, like we would do if it was a girls and boys course.

 Please keep in mind that weather and snow conditions may cause a change in the schedule.


  • 3:30 at the CMAC shack each day

  • U8/U10/U12 awards are presented by age class to 10th place both days
  • The overall Mighty Mite Slalom awards are given to the racers with the lowest combined time across both races. 



Results from prior years races are here


Helmets are required for all CMAC training and racing. Note that a soft ear helmet is only permissible in a slalom race. A hard ear helmet is required for GS and SG races. Learn moreh


We welcome volunteers from visiting teams! Volunteers  will receive a lift ticket for the day and a sack lunch.  If you are interested in being a volunteer, please visit our ShredReg volunteer portal to sign up, or email our volunteer coordinator at: volunteer@cmacskiracing.com.

Live Timing

You may follow the race live at www.live-timing.com

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