Q: When does registration happen?
A: Registration for the winter programs starts on September 1 for returning athletes and October 1 for new athletes.  (There is an exception for siblings of current athletes who can register during September). Contact the program administrator (Dale Koetke) at if you have any questions. 

Q: Which program is right for me? 
A: Details about CMAC programs and options are available on the Program Information page.  Q: How do I sign up for CMAC?  
A: The sign up process is details on our Registration page.

Q: What if my child starts in the Saturday program and wants to get more serious about gate training can they transfer to Sunday?
A: Yes your child can transfer if there is a space available. In addition you will have to pay the extra cost of tuition. 

Q: Does Crystal Mountain offer CMAC racers a discount season pass?
A: Yes. Information is available on the Season Pass page of our web site.  

Q: How  are all the various CMAC programs related? 
A: This graphic outlines the “flow” between the different CMAC program offerings described in more detail at

Q: What are these U8, U10 "classes"?
A: These are the age classes that U.S. Ski & Snowboard uses for ski racing.  It is based off the racers age as of December 31 of a given season. 


Classifications & CMAC Programs

An athlete's U-Class is the age group that you will compete in. Each U class is specific to years of birth. Your age for the ski season is your age on December 31st.
  Age Class   Age   Year of Birth
 ( season)
 CMAC Programs
  U8*  6-7    MM Prep or MM Race
 *CMAC programs start at age 7.
  U10  8-9    MM Prep or MM Race
  U12        10-11    MM Prep or MM Race
  U14         12-13    Junior or Advanced Prep
  U16             14-15    Junior or Advanced Prep
  U19           16-18    U19 Program
  U21          19-20    U19 Program
  Masters 20+  n/a   n/a  Masters

(Birth years in this table automatically update each August to the coming season.)

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