Q: What's the overall process of signing up for CMAC?
A: For families new to CMAC, the process starts with completing an application. The applications are reviewed and we'll admit as many athletes as possible.  For athletes returning to CMAC and their siblings, they can register for the upcoming season. 

Q: When is the application and registration period?
A: Applications and registrations for the winter programs starts on September 1 and extend through September 21.  Returning athletes not registered and paid by September 21 are not guaranteed a place, so please register during this time window. 

Q: Which program is right for me? 
A: Details about CMAC programs and options are available on the Program Information page. 

Q: How do I sign up for CMAC?  
A: The sign up process is details on our Registration page.

Q: What if my child starts in the Saturday Prep program and wants to get more serious about gate training can they transfer to Sunday?
A: Your child can transfer if there is a space available. In addition you will have to pay the extra cost of tuition. 

Q: How  are all the various CMAC programs related? 
A: This graphic outlines the “flow” between the different CMAC program offerings described in more detail at

Q: What are these U8, U10 "classes"?
A: These are the age classes that U.S. Ski & Snowboard uses for ski racing.  It is based off the racers age as of December 31 of a given season.  

Classifications & CMAC Programs

An athlete's U-Class is the age group that you will compete in. Each U class is specific to years of birth. Your age for the ski season is your age on December 31st.
  Age Class   Age   Year of Birth
 ( season)
 CMAC Programs
  U8*  6-7    MM Prep or MM Race
 *CMAC programs start at age 7.
  U10  8-9    MM Prep or MM Race
  U12        10-11    MM Prep or MM Race
  U14         12-13    Junior or Advanced Prep
  U16             14-15    Junior or Advanced Prep
  U18           16-17    U18 Program
  U21          18-20    U18 Program
  Masters 20+  n/a   n/a  Masters

(Birth years in this table automatically update each August to the coming season.)

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