Saturday Mighty Mite Prep Program

Welcome to the Mighty Mite Prep program!  We follow the age group classes of the "U" system, used by U.S Ski and Snowboard. The classes are structured as follows: 

  • U8 (age 7)
  • U10 (ages 8-9)
  • U12 (ages 10-11)

Here's what to expect for the coming season:

Racer Ready? Get to the mountain early in the season for several "warm up" days.  It is very important that you ski as many days as possible before we start early January (see the Prep Calendar for details).  We recommend a minimum of 3 days of skiing prior to our first training day. Our first runs together will be a time for the coaches to assess each skier’s ability and match them to a compatible group, so we want to see each skier at his/her "best" skiing technique when we start out.  Your warm up days are also an important time to work out any problems with gear, get comfortable with the runs, and get into a “routine” before starting the Prep program. Click here to see the Prep free-skiing video: Prep Video


We do have certain ability levels required to participate in the Prep program. Parents should ski with their child for a few days  pre-season to make sure they are able to meet these skill level requirements. All skiers need to be strong and capable enough to hike/skate on their own from our meeting location at the CMAC Shack to the lifts in a reasonable amount of time, and should not require any assistance loading or unloading the lifts.  Skiers need to be confident skiing down the main part of Lucky Shot and Gold Hill, in most types of conditions, with skis parallel most of the time.  As an introductory race program, our training methods do not make it possible for us to admit skiers who are still making wedge/ snowplow turns. If any of these requirements are challenging or slow, please contact me immediately so we can help you make a proper assessment.  Any skiers who are not yet able to participate at these levels will be released and asked to try again the following season.  Your honest assessment of your child’s skill level will help us all avoid this potential disappointment. If you have any concerns, please contact me and we can try to make a quick run together prior to our first day. 

New to Prep?

We will have a new parents meeting and Q&A. (You can look up the date here.) Our Coaches, Staff, and Board will be there from 7-8:pm to share with you the latest information and news you will need before our season begins, and answer any questions you may have. More details on our website.

Equipment Deals

As a CMAC member you may be eligible for discounts on certain ski products, including goggles, gloves, sunglasses, boot warmers and dryers, ski socks and base layer clothing.  This program is open to racers and their family members as part of a "group order". Please email me for ordering information and website password.  Used equipment can be found on our Classified web page.


Please let us know if your email address or contact information changes, as most of our communications are done by email. We will be sending notices to the primary email used on your application. Please contact us or list any secondary email addresses you may wish to use and we will add it to our mailing list.

In the coming weeks I will be sending several emails to help you prepare for the start of the Prep season. I will let you know what to expect on your first day, and your coach's name.  Please be sure to watch your emails, or check the website for updates.

Please also join our Facebook group at: This is a great way to share comments and photos, connect with other families, ask questions, and get additional updates from your coaches!

I hope you enjoy the holidays and I look forward to seeing all of you on the mountain in January!

Stay Tuned,

Paul Clarke / Director / Cell: 253.377.9281


  • If you've missed any CMAC emails, you can read the recent ones here.
  • To get the team email specific to your athlete's program, be sure you add your email to their profile following these instructions

Prep Calendar

Click here to review the Prep Program calendar for the season.

Daily Schedule

Here's a typical daily schedule for the prep program
  • 8:45 - Meet by the CMAC shacks, begin directed free skiing, drills and instruction.
  • 10:30 - Skiing on challenging terrain or move to drill courses
  • 11:30 - Dismissed for Lunch
  • 12:45 - Free ski/drill courses & gate training
  • 3:15 - Pull courses - Day Ends
More detailed information is available in the FAQ here

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Prep Coaches

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Prep video

Click here to see the Prep free-skiing video: Prep Video


The Mighty Mite Prep Program is CMAC's entry level ski racing program for skiers 7 through 11 years of age.  This program utilizes gates and directed free skiing on Crystal’s challenging terrain to build dynamic skiing skills, while giving a taste of competition. The program is offered only on Saturdays starting in January, and culminates on the tenth session with the Sallie McNabb Cup race & BBQ in March.


Participants in this program should be skiing mostly parallel (no wedge turns!), must be able to ski Gold Hills and Lucky Shot runs with confidence, make their way to/from the CMAC shack (uphill from Chinook lift, to the right under the gondola) to the lifts without assistance, and load and ski all chairs without assistance and with minimal supervision.  All skiers are strongly advised to ski 3-4 full days in the weeks prior to our first training day so that they are ready for assessment on week 1.  Applicants who do not meet these requirements at the start of the program will be released. Please feel free to contact the program director in advance for a verbal assessment if you are not sure of your child’s skill level.


Groups are organized by age and ability. We may shift your child to a more compatible group at any time during the season.  Creating the best possible learning environment takes priority over age groups, being with friends or siblings, etc.


Most of the time we will begin with directed free skiing. This is the most important time of the day for learning. The coaches will instruct the kids on stance, carving, balance, etc., by doing different drills, or by taking them to challenging terrain.

If the kids are executing the new skills well, then it is time to bring them into drill courses and gate training. We will bring the Mighty-Mite Prep skiers into the gates around Week 4, but may use drill courses sooner to teach technique and tactics.  A typical day: 

  • 8:45 AM Meet, directed free skiing, drills and instruction.
  • 10:30 AM Skiing on challenging terrain or move to drill courses
  • 11:30 AM Dismissed for Lunch
  • 12:45 PM Free ski/drill courses and gate training
  • 3:15 PM Pull courses - Day Ends

This is only an example, but all elements of learning are included in this example. Skiing on challenging terrain all day is sometimes much better for a young skier. Gate training is only part of becoming a great skier and racer.

The prep program is dedicated to improving skiing ability and introducing kids to racing. We only schedule one race, the Sallie McNabb Cup at the end of the program. This giant slalom race is for Prep participants only and does not require a USSA membership. Prep skiers who want additional racing experience can obtain a USSA membership and enter other Mighty-Mite races, and may also move into the full season program.


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