Sibling Early Registration

If your family has a racer in the program already, you are eligible to register siblings during the September 1-15 period when returning members can register when we'll start admitting new members. Note that all programs have enrollment caps. Be sure to register returning athletes and their siblings new to CMAC early!

To use early registration, send an email to the CMAC Program Administrator (Dale Koetke) with the following information:
  1. the program the new racer will be starting in (e.g. Mitey Mite Prep, Mighty Mite Race, etc.)
  2. the first and last name of the new racer
  3. the new racer's birth date
  4. the new racer's gender
  5. the billing email address for the new racer's account.  (This must be a different email address than you use for any siblings in CMAC.  See the tip on the right of this page to help with this.) 
The Program Administrator will reply with the information that you need to log in as the new racer and proceed to register the new racer with the same process as a returning racer

Email Address Tip:

Each racer needs to have a unique email address which is used to log in to the membership management part of this web site. If you want to consolidate your racers under a common account, you can do that if you use a Hotmail, MSN,,,, or Gmail account.

For example if your email is and you have two children (Bode and Lindsey) you can use the emails and when registering them. Email to these will still to the account! How cool is that?!

More info can be found here for Hotmail, MSN, Live, Outlook and here or here for Gmail. (Note that this does not work with all other mail systems, such as Yahoo.) 

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