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CMAC Masters is open to ANYONE 18 and over that wants to improve their skiing and generally have a ton of fun on the hill.  You don't have to be young OR fast to join, just interested in learning some new skills and sharing time on the hill with a great group of people!  We are looking forward to a great winter with lots of training and racing opportunities.  Training will start Mid-December and progress until the end of March.  Specific dates will be announced.

CMAC Masters has formal scheduled coaching one day a weekend that alternates between Saturday or Sunday depending on the schedule of the available coach.  Training will start Mid-December and progress until the end of March.  Specific dates will be announced.  The other weekend "off" day, when there is no scheduled Masters coach or when coaching staff are away at races, Masters are welcome to join in and train with the junior racers.  Be sure to check in first with the junior coach and help with course set-up, course maintenance and tear-down on the hill.  Our Masters coaches are also juniors coaches so you are likely to see them on the hill and you can coordinate your training with them.

We start the season with a progression of racing skills and drills and then move right into gate training as the conditions allow.  The training is nearly identical to the junior programs but tailored to the needs of Masters athletes.  We know Masters have busy lives with many responsibilities and commitments so we do our best to be flexible.  Weekly emails will be sent outlining the specifics of training or racing opportunities for the following weekend.


Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNSA) Masters Information:

USSS Masters Information:

USSS Masters Age Classes:

The following are age classes the the USSS Masters competitors compete within.  Most competitions (including regional and masters championships) follow these classes.  Some regions, divisions or states may modify the classes due to small numbers of participants.

Current definitions of masters classes, for the purpose of awarding US and regional medals, are as follows for men and women.  Class is determined by the racer's age as of December 31 of the current competition season.  Racers may only race in their own age group.

Class 1: Ages 18-29                 Class 8: Ages 60-64

Class 2: Ages 30-34               Class 9: Ages 65-69

Class 3: Ages 35-39               Class 10: Ages 70-74

Class 4: Ages 40-44               Class 11: Ages 75-79

Class 5: Ages 45-49               Class 12: Ages 80-84

Class 6: Ages 50-54               Class 13: Ages 85-89

Class 7: Ages 55-59               Class 14: Ages 90 and over

Class Groupings for Regional and National Competitions:

Group A: Men's Classes 1-4

Group B: Men's Classes 5-7

Group C: Women's Classes 1-13

Group D: Men's Classes 8-14

Masters coaches:

  1. Mike Jacoby
  2. Matt Tammen
  3. Chris Inverso

PNSA Masters Schedule

Full Race Schedule located at PNSA Masters. Follow PNSA Masters on Facebook. 


If you drop in for a day of training with the masters, please submit your $100 payment here:

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