Got Sharp?

31 Dec 2011 5:35 PM | Deleted user
If you spend ANY time tuning, you nearly immediately find yourself with a frustratingly dull Scraper. What to do- what to do... Gadget has a fix for you: The Scraper Gadget! This simple tool will become one of your most used tools- that is my guess. Every time I wax (now), I sharpen my scraper and it makes tuning a pleasure.

I have 3 of these, I have made a few for friends, AND I made some for CMAC. If you want one, Andy Cooley has a few available for a small donation to the FFE. If there is demand, I will make a few more.

The great folks at like my Scraper Gadget and have published the plans here: is one of the best places on the net to get ski tools, wax, and boot fitting supplies. Check them out.
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