Wax Tools

27 Feb 2012 9:34 PM | Deleted user
Wax Tools: Irons, scrapers, brushes, corks, Wax Wizards, Polishing/buffing. Hotboxes, Hot sleeves, etc... you'll see soon.

Basic wax tools:

BUY A RAY'S WAY WAX WIZARD!! You won't regret it. This basic kit (above) will do MOST waxing tasks. The kit includes: A sharp plastic scraper, a ski iron, 3 brushes (brass, nylon, and horsehair), a polishing cloth, and a RAY'S WAY wax wizard.

Rotobrushes: If you wax 4-6+ pairs of skis a day, rotos are nice because they save time. If less than that, they are an expensive luxury tool IMHO. I have a complete rotobrush setup, but I find I do not use it everyday.

I will add more later...
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