Awards 2020

Despite the abrupt ending to the season, there was a tremendous amount of growth across the team. Below are the awards that in a normal year would have been presented at the Spring Banquet. Special congratulations to Zach Derwin and Annie Frohlich, the CMAC 2020 Most Outstanding Athletes. 

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Mighty Mite Prep Program

Prep U8 Girls Most improved Grace Humphrey and Enthusiastic Gummy Bear Eater!

Prep U8 Boys Most improved Hatcher Hugheshuge improvement particularly on the steeps.

Prep U8 Special Recognition:

  • Most enthusiastic - Gemma Emard – Always saying, “Can we ski yet?!”
  • Focused Determination - Madelyn Kawasaki – She was the smallest and lightest, but was the first one down Middle Ferk’s the first time we went there. She also got hurt during the break between the first and second runs at the Sallie McNabb race, but still came back for the second run (sooo proud of her).
  • Best Attitude - Rafi Jarjour – Most sought after buddy among the athletes.
  • Best Skills - Lucia Pacifico – acquired great technique on turns and racer form.
  • Best at challenging herself - Hadley French

Prep U10 Most Improved Boy Mario Perla - Mario started the season with some inefficient skiing movement patterns.  His stance was back, with little ankle flex and could turn, but it was as if the skis were controlling him and dictating where he would turn.  There was some wedge present.  He worked tirelessly to get more forward in his stance and to develop some ankle flex.  Then he was able to control his skis and turn where he wanted.  Even to the point where our group was skiing steep terrain at the end of the season he was making parallel turns and skiing with control.

Prep U10 Most Improved Girl: Sloan Balint - Sloan started the season skiing with a wedge and her stance was back.  She worked hard to achieve a proper skiing stance and get some ankle flex.  She worked to better herself by doing the drills better each time and by listening to my coaching.  She was skiing parallel and with a more technical skiing foundation.  Also, much steeper terrain with control.

Prep U10 Outstanding Performance: Christopher Bliss -  Christopher finished 1st in the U-10 boys and 2nd overall in the 2020 Sallie McNabb Cup. Week after week he demonstrated wonderful intensity and focus on improving and expanding his skiing and racing skills. Christopher’s hard work was combined with a smile, inclusiveness and support for his teammates and fellow skiers.

Prep U10 Outstanding Performance:  Harper Pelland-- Harper was the Overall Champion for the Sallie McNabb Cup as a U10! She trains hard and loves going fast both on the race hill or off-piste. Harper not only challenges herself on the ski slopes but also helps with the women and girls “She Jumps” organization of which her mom Christy is a director. Harper takes on challenges head on and has a bright future in front of her both on and off the slopes!

Prep U10 Special Recognition:

  • Willow Zanis – Best listener and ability to apply the new skills she learned.
  • Oliver Simpson-- Future instructor (can spot key areas that an athlete can focus on for increased speed)
  • Amelia Cristalli – Dedicated Skier --she methodically worked on the tasks of the day, working to keep up with the group, and by end of season she was regularly leading the group.
  • Emma Schreck –Leadership -- excellent group participation and leadership, great listener, calming influence with the group on challenging runs.

Prep U12 Most Inspirational Boy: Brady Smith - Brady showed up with a smile and ready to get to work attitude.  He worked hard to improve his skiing ability and to better himself with the drills assigned.  He was always helpful and would lead the group and never complained about having to wait for the others.  He was polite to the other kids and his kindness towards other and his hard work inspired the other kids in our group to become better skiers.

Prep U12 Most Inspirational Girl: Nicole Kuperstein - Nicole worked hard to better her skiing ability and to have a better attitude towards others.  She really improved in this area throughout the season. She was a strong skier, yet most times she would go last in order to help someone if needed or to just say some encouraging words to someone in our group.

Prep U12 Boys Outstanding Performance: Cian McMullen -Finished in 3rd Place for the U12 Boys with a combined time of 1;33.12 in the Sallie McNabb Cup. Cian has been the Most Improved with the ability to now carve beautiful turns.  He has been Most Inspirational from his positivity, fun loving humor and the passion to go fast and ski anywhere. 

Prep U12 Boys Outstanding Performance: Evan Priest -- “Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort? Nobody can judge that. Because effort is between you and you.” Evan exemplifies the above quote. Evan puts in the effort! He came to the slopes every week, maintaining focus on improving his skiing and course times. He not only made time for Prep training on Saturday, but also practiced at Snoqualmie with the Mighty Mites every Wednesday. He signed up and raced in the Warm Up SL, Cherry Tree Charge (9th), and the Sallie McNabb Cup (2nd). 

Prep U12 Girls Outstanding Performance: Emma Larsen - Finished in 5th Place for the U12 Girls with a combined time of 1:35.68 in the Sallie McNabb Cup.   Emma is the Most Inspirational from her ability to only be competitive, but loves to ski fast. 

Prep U12 Girls Dedicated Skier: Maya Strong - Maya embodies the type of athlete that so many strive to achieve with her amazing dedication and unshakable positive attitude no matter what the conditions. Maya strived at improving her own skills while also sharing her love of skiing and of the Mountains with her classmates. Maya’s enthusiasm was contagious and she helped everyone elevate their ski day.  

Prep U12 Boys Dedicated Skier: Kamden Clark - Kamden took on huge challenges every week and he conquered them regularly. His commitment to improving his skiing skills and to besting his challenges did not start and stop on Saturdays. Kamden’s dedication and focused efforts to make his next ski day better than the last occurred on and off the mountain, which translated to his improvement each week to his skills and his love of skiing.

Mighty Mite Race Program 

U8 Girls Outstanding Performance: Madailein Doyle earns the U8 Outstanding Performance Award. Although Maddie did not always have many U8’s to compete against, she often was one of the top finishers amongst the U10’s as well. Maddie won both of the Mighty-Mite Slaloms and was 2nd in both of the Cherry Tree Charge GS races for U8’s. Maddie has a natural aggressiveness and feel for letting her skis run down the fall line, which translates to fast skiing in the race course.

U8 Boys Outstanding Performance: Caelen Meharg earns the U8 Boys Outstanding Performance Award. Caelen had a fantastic race season, winning both of the Mighty-Mite Warm-Up Slaloms and was 2nd in a GS at the Cherry Tree Charge. He also won the SL and was 2nd in the GS at the Bantam Cup. Caelen loves to ski and it shows in the positive attitude and energy he brings to the hill every day.

U8 Boys Most Improved: Charlie Stewart earns the U8 Boys Most Improved Award. Charlie started the season with a solid stance and good balance on his skis. Charlie showed great determination to improve throughout the season, as he began to consistently maintain forward pressure and becoming very balanced on his outside ski throughout the turn.  In the final race of the season, Charlie won the U8 GS race at the Bantum Cup on a steep hill where this outside ski balance was so important.

U10 Girls Most Improved: Isabella Sudore earns the U10 Girls Most Improved Award. Isa worked very hard this year, making a real effort in improving her skiing. She was very attentive during drills and in race training, consistently applying coaching advice.  We saw her stance and turn shape improve throughout the season that has built the foundation for continued improvement in years to come.

U10 Boys Most Improved: Oliver Cunningham earns the U10 Boys Most Improved Award. Oliver made huge improvements this year in his stance, moving up and forward against the front of his boots. Mid-way through the season, Oliver began to get the feel for a carved turn and he was on fire from then on.  Oliver finished the season with a 6th place in the GS at the Bantum cup against a large field from across the division, by far his best result of the season!

U10 Girls Outstanding Performance: Brighton Hart earns the U10 Girls Outstanding Performance Award. Brighton won both of the Mighty-Mite Slalom races for U10’s and was 2nd and 3rd in the Cherry Tree Charge GS’s. She also won the SL and GS at Bantam Cup. Her stance is solid and she shows no fear in running over those slalom gates!

U10 Boys Outstanding Performance: Trae Pettit earns the Outstanding Performance Award for U12’s. In our home races, Trae won both of the GS races at the Cherry Tree Charge (the first day by 8 seconds!) and also had a 2nd place finish in the Mighty-Mite Slalom. Trae has a great attitude and likes to push himself in both free-skiing and racing.

U10 Most Inspirational Skier: Adil Hasan earns the U10 Most Inspirational Skier.  Adil treats his teammates and coaches with a kindness and respect that is apparent to all around him.  He always demonstrates great sportsmanship and is a great friend to all of his teammates. Adil is also great listener and excels at hearing feedback from coaches and making changes in his skiing.

U12 Girls Most Improved: Piper Stone earns the U12 Girls Most Improved Award. Piper worked really hard in training and made a big jump up the results sheet! Piper has found the next level in her skiing and was a consistent top 5 finisher this year, with a podium finish in the Warm-Up Slalom in 3rd, and finishing the season with a 5th place  result at the Bantum Cup slalom against a large field from around the division.

U12 Boys Most Improved: Boone North earns the Most Improved U12 Boys Award. He made great strides in his technique this year and it showed in his results. He was consistently in the top 10 and highlighted his season with a 4th place in the Cherry Tree Charge Super-G. Boone’s positive attitude and hard work really shined throughout the year.

U12 Girls Outstanding Performance: Moira Kinney earns the U12 Girls Outstanding Performance out of a very strong group of U12 girls that shared wins throughout the season. Moira had many podium finishes throughout the season including a 1st place in both the Mighty-Mite Slalom and the Cherry Tree Charge GS. The highlight of Moira’s season, and the deciding factor in her winning this award, was a podium finish each of the three days of the Cherry Tree Charge, resulting in winning the Cherry Tree Charge Overall trophy.

U12 Boys Outstanding Performance: Gabriel Caccia earns the U12 Boys Outstanding Performance Award. Gabe loves to ski and it shows in his excitement towards racing. Gabe won MANY races this year, with a 1st place in the Mighty-Mite Slalom, two wins in the Cherry Tree Charge GS, and a 2nd place in the Cherry Tree Charge SG, resulting in winning the Cherry Tree Charge Overall trophy. Gabriel finished up the season with wins in both the Slalom and GS at the Bantum Cup. This was a really great season by Gabriel against a very competitive U12 Boys field.

U12 Most Inspirational Skier: Finn Syvertsen earns the most inspirational award for U12’s. Finn had a big crash in the Cherry Tree Charge SG training run. He was pretty shook up and a bit anxious to start the race run that afternoon, but he did! He did not let the course win that day; he showed his courage by getting up, facing the challenge head-on and doing it again. This courage epitomizes what ski racing and sports in general are all about, we are proud of you Finn! 

Advanced Prep

Outanding Performance: Ciara McGinnis and Patrick Bliss - these AdvPrep Athletes have demonstrated a high level of skill during training, in competition, and during directed-free skiing around the mountain. Both of these athletes are in their first year of AdvPrep. Ciara has been the top performing “first year” in the race venue with multiple podiums. Ciara is looking toward the Full-time U16 group next year. Patrick won the boys AdvPrep Division in the Sallie McNabb Cup to wrap up the season. We congratulate both athletes on a great year as well as taking Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence. We recognize and appreciate your efforts and are especially excited for your future skiing experiences.

Most Improved: Aedan Bingham and Campbell Habel - These AdvPrep Athletes have demonstrated tremendous improvement of the base skill sets outlined during the season. Their attention to the physical skill improvements lead to an increased confidence in both the race venue and during directed-free skiing. The entire mountain literally became their playground. Aedan was consistently on the podium or throwing 360’s when presented with the opportunity. Campbell finished 8th on Saturday of the Cherry Tree Charge and made the podium (3rd place) for the Sallie McNabb Cup at the end of the season. We would like to recognize their efforts to improve their own level in Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence.

Distinguished Leadership: The following athletes are recognized for their leadership among the Advprep group throughout the 2019 – 2020 season. Each of these athletes has regularly promoted Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence.

  • Olivia Warner
  • Sydney Lennard
  • Sophia Butler
  • Aedan Bingham
  • Bjorn North
  • Siri Inverso

We thank you for your weekly efforts in making the AdvPrep program welcoming, inclusive, demanding, and FUN. Your contributions each weekend were invaluable.

Most Inspirational: Abbey VanValkenburg and Allie Rinderle - These AdvPrep Athletes have been the epitome of hard work and consistency. Both athletes are finishing their second season as U14’s. This year Abbey was the top U14/AdvPrep finisher for Saturday of the Cherry Tree Charge. Allie earned second place finishes in the U14/AdvPrep for both the Saturday Cherry Tree Charge and the Sallie McNabb Cup and was the top U14/AdvPrep for the Sunday Cherry Tree Charge. Abbey and Allie were very positive and welcoming teammates, quick to offer encouraging words to all and were great examples of “being coachable”. We thank you both for making the AdvPrep group a FUN experience. PRIDE    

U14 Junior Program

CMAC U14 Girls Most Improved - Paisley Bigatel - This year's Most Improved award goes to Paisley Bigatel. Paisley has put a tremendous amount of work and effort into her skiing and it shows. She consistently shows up to put her best foot forward and takes feedback in stride. We recognize Paisley not only for her work at summer camps and weekend training but also her mental attitude and overall work ethic.


CMAC U14 Boys Most Improved: Abdullah Hasan - This year we would like to honor Abdullah for the hard work he put into the season. Abdullah consistently showed up to train with his a-game and it shows in his skiing. Towards the end of our season, we noticed drastic improvements in his form. As coaches, we were impressed by how he was starting to properly initiate and carve the top of the turn, while also lengthening his outside leg thus getting more power throughout the turn. Our favorite moment of the season was our last day of training when Abdullah was pushing himself hard against the timer. It was great to watch him race against himself and his teammates. We can't wait to see him take what he earned this year into next season. Although the season was cut short, we know that Abdullah would have had some great results at the spring races. We are all very excited to see him continue to improve and look forward to having him at summer camps

U14 Women's Outstanding Performance : Zoe Paek - We honor Zoe Paek with the award for Most Outstanding. Zoe has consistently been our top female racer throughout the season. She has proved herself to be a fierce competitor in the sport of ski racing. Every time she shows up to train she brings 110%. She has a level of determination and mental drive that cannot be taught and is beyond her peers. Every time she stepped into the starting gate she dialed down and focused on the task at hand. Our favorite moment of Zoe’s season was at Mt. Spokane. She took one warm up run in the course and struggled immensely. She was really worried about her first run after having a bad warm up. She pumped herself, focused and came out of the start gate charging. She destroyed that run and put on a show. She came down with the W and then defended her win on run two. That day she showed mental toughness and a determination to win. That day propelled her into a dominant performance at Stevens pass. Zoe rightfully qualified for the U14 championships in Mammoth. Although she did not get the opportunity to show her skiing abilities on the regional level, we are very excited to see her continue to grow this summer so she can come in strong for next season. We know great things are in store.

CMAC U14 Boys Outstanding Performance: Erik Griffen - Most outstanding: this award goes to someone who exemplifies not only extraordinary athletic performance but also a high degree of mental intelligence. Erik, this award goes to you - this year you proved yourself to be a true contender in this sport. You consistently show up to train early and are one of the last ones to leave. You are always looking for feedback for what you can do to "ski faster" and it shows in your skiing. During race inspection you listen well and are able to learn how to execute the race line after one look. All of your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. As coaches, our job is to share our knowledge and provide you with the mental tools required to be a successful racer - all of which Eric has taken and used to improve himself as an athlete. One of our favorite moments from Erik this season was at Mt. Spokane. He had skied fast on his first run in the slalom but had to hike. He came up to the coaches and watched the video his of first run, dialling in on what he needed to focus on for run two. He was slotted to run last after a long day of racing. He was focused and ready to go when we heard we all had to hang out at the top of the course for another 30 mins while another competitor was shuffled around to take a rerun. The rerun athlete then crashed hard in front of Erik. He had to wait even longer and then pushed out of the gate. He threw down. He was able to push hard and stay focused to come down with a 3rd place run which propelled him to success for the rest of the weekend. This year, Eric was our top men's racer. Placing at the top of his age group. He was one of our two male athletes to qualify for the U14 Championships in Mammoth California. Although he did not get the chance to test his skills due to the unfortunate events following COVID-19, we are all very excited to see him continue to grow this summer and into next season where he will be competing as a U16.

U14 Most Inspirational: Eloise Graves - We would like to honor Eloise Graves with this year's Most Inspirational award. This season Eloise has really set herself apart. Although she is one of few words, her actions and never give up attitude speak loudly. Throughout the season she always showed up ready to train and always made a point to improve herself on every run. Even when she was having a less than stellar day, she never failed to keep her head up and stay positive, even in spite of what the coaches were throwing at her on a given training day. We were pumped to see Eloise get on the podium at the freeride competition after all the hard work she put in on the hill this season. We love that when we free ski Eloise pushes herself to be at the front of the pack and is not afraid to "huck it". We know that her strong mentality and confidence on her skis will translate into improvements in her racing. We know that all of her training with CMAC is gaining her the fundamental skills she needs to be a strong skier. We are excited to see how she improves over the summer with time on snow and in the gym. Eloise is an inspiration to other female skiers her age and we are lucky to have her be a part of CMAC.   

U16 Junior Program

CMAC U16 Girls Most Improved 2020 - Cecilia Phillips - A pretty common factor in a most improved racer is the dedication to training. Cecilia spent the season putting in the time, energy and focus to improving skills, and making numerous repetitions practicing the skills. Cecilia had this effort all season long. She was one of the first on the hill and many times the last one off the hill. Following training sessions she was always offering to carry gear back up Gold Hills at the end of the day, and I wonder if it was just to be nice and help out, or did she just want to take another run to finish the day. All of this endless effort led to some huge improvements in her balance, confidence and technical skiing skills. I think the fun factor also jumped to a new level. Ski racing is really fun when you start feeling well balanced, and you could really see her enjoying the process of pushing the limits to go faster and challenge herself to overcome the fear of speed. As Cecilia keeps improving her skills and develops the confidence to run tighter lines and take more risk for speed, her scores will improve tremendously. She showed such a great improvement in her overall skiing skills in all events. Her next step in here development will be the speed. We really look forward to seeing her jump to a new and much faster level of ski racing in the years to come.

CMAC U16 Boys Most Improved 2020 - The award goes to Ben Albrecht - Ben had a very good season as a first year U16. He has been competitive over the years, but this season he seemed to really pick up the pace in all events. His desire for speed is evident. He really sends it down the hill and takes risk for speed. Along with good summer and fall training, Ben had a pretty good focus on improving his skills and technique. As he moved into the ski season, these improved skills showed some competitiveness across all events on the NW Cup Circuit. He started with a top 20 SL at the Crystal NW Cup, which put him in position to go for the Regional Champ team. Then in February he followed it up with a top 15 result at the Spokane NW Cup GS. This second strong score put him on the bubble to make the Junior Championship team. Ben came home and had some great speed event training prior to the Sun Cup. He has a great tuck position and has good instincts for speed. When we went to Sun Cup he continued his scoring in SG with a 22nd in the NW Cup SG. The three scores were Just enough to get him in the final spot for the U16 Regional Champs. As the week progressed at Sun Cup, he had some really good focus in the DH event and continued to work on improving his line, tucking and carving and he achieved his best performances of the season in DH. Ben placed 11th and 13th in the DH event and was top 5 within the U16 group. Sun Cup was a great week for him and he had an awesome improvement in his speed skills. Ben showed that he has an unlimited potential in ski racing, especially in DH. As all young boys grow, they tend to get tall and lean as Ben did this year, so the next step for him will be filling in those muscles with strength and power. When Ben gets big and strong, he will certainly be one of the best U6 skiers at the regional champs next season. Congrats on a great season Ben!

CMAC U16 Girls: Outstanding Performance - The award goes to Sydney Kraabel. We recognize individual performances, or in this case a group of outstanding performances. Sydney made huge strides in her skiing technique in the off season and carried it into the winter season. She trained often and with purpose. She won her first NW Cup race at Mt. Spokane in GS, and then followed it up with a SL win two days later. She went on to podium in DH and SG ‘s at the Sun Cup. These strong results within the PNSA division qualified her near the top of the rankings going in to the U16 regional championships. The Western regional champs were held at Schweitzer, Mt. Idaho, and during the event she continued to improve her skills by executing good inspections on all of the race courses. She followed up by free skiing in the mornings and afternoons with strong focus on technique. Prior to her runs she utilized good visualization skills to help dial in the line. All of her in depth preparations led to outstanding performances with a 13th Place SG result, and top 15 first run in GS. This improvement comes from 50 ‘s place positions in the prior season championships. An awesome improvement in performance from year to year! Sydney has a bright future and she will have many more outstanding performances as she continues to give her full effort toward performing her best.

CMAC U16 Boys: Outstanding Performance 2020 - The award goes to Ollie Loeser. Ollie had yet another great season. He is a well-rounded skier and works day to day to make steady progress. Ollie has a nice touch on his skis and has a good feel for carving his turns. Like everyone that starts to master carving, understanding how to ski faster is a continuing process. Some of his main skill focus to become a faster skier has been on leveling his system, making more angles in his skiing, combined with strong extension. These well-timed skills help him achieve a more powerful movement pattern. The weekend prior to U16 Champs, he started to find some of these feelings in his skiing and it led to a strong week at the Regional Champs. Ollie started the season with 19th Place in SL at the NW cup at Crystal, and then when we went to our second qualifier at Mt. Spokane he had a much improved and spectacular performance in GS with a 6th place finish overall and the 2nd fastest U16. When we switched to speed, he continued his progress, and if you know Ollie, he is not the heaviest guy on the circuit, but with improved tucking skills and his experience with speed growing, he placed 16th in both DH events. This was again a nice improvement over the previous season. Then he came back home to train for U16 Regional Champs and his GS skiing really started to click. He went on to Champs at Schweitzer with a great focus and strong intent to really perform. He started bib 45 and made the flip. A great move up first run and then laid down a 19th place second run. This championship race showed that he is now capable to compete within the top 20 among the regional racers. This was truly the outstanding performance of his season. Too bad the season was cut short, he could have scored big at the NW Cup Finals, but he is very inspired to get back on snow, back to camps, and become a great ski racer.   

U16/U19 Most Inspirational

CMAC U19 Most Inspirational 2020: Graham Barwick - We want to recognize Graham as the Most Inspirational U19 for CMAC. Graham has made huge strides in his skiing- making strong improvements in his technique and tactics. Graham has had mixed performances in races, often matching great sections of skiing with mistakes or missed gates, but the skiing is there. What truly sets Graham apart is his work ethic and all the small things he does to help his teammates and coaches. Graham is among the first to the shacks in the morning and has helped set more courses than anyone else on the team. He doesn’t need to be told to grab gates or bannering and help, he just does it. Often in ski racing, mother nature has a different plan about how the day will go. Graham takes these days in stride and maintains a positive attitude. If the day calls for free-skiing, he is ready to go. Training in the rain, ready to go. It is a pleasure to have Graham on the team and a fitting recipient of the most inspirational award.  

U19 Race Program

CMAC U19 Girls Most Improved 2020: Chloe Vlases - We want to recognize Chloe as the most improved for the 2020 season. Chloe showed up ready to work and was persistent in getting better every training session. While the process can be challenging, we appreciated her positive attitude. She is an excellent teammate and is generous with her time and helping other athletes on and off the hill. Chloe went to her first FIS races this year at Big Sky, Schweitzer and Sun Valley and got a taste of the next level. She understands what to do technically and tactically to take that next big step in her skiing. While she may have not seen the big results in races, we saw her improvement and development in training and in great sections of her racing. We are excited about her progress this year and looking forward to her future!

CMAC Boys U19 Most Improved: Aditya Mummulla - We want to recognize Aditya as most improved for the 2020 season. While he had a mid-season injury to overcome, his best skiing happened at the end of the year. Aditya improved his technique tremendously this year, finding a new aggressive stance. He understands the body positions and movement patterns that we are asking of him, and he is working hard to find them every turn. Aditya did his first FIS races this year and had some of his best skiing on a very difficult hill in Whistler. In NWC and USSA races, he had his best Slalom results by 50 points, but it was more about the improvement we saw in his skiing; the body position and mechanical improvement that make him deserve this recognition. We are looking forward to seeing what next year brings for him!

CMAC U19 Girls: Outstanding Performance 2020 - Evie Wright. We want to recognize Evie as the athlete with the Outstanding Performance of 2020. Highlights of her season include two great slalom races in the FIS Tech series, one at the WR Tech Series in Big Sky, and the other at the series in Snowbird. In the Snowbird race, she got her best ever FIS result in any discipline, scoring under 100 points for the first time with a challenging field. Other top performances this season included a pair of second place slalom finishes at the NW Cup Series at Crystal and two top 5’s in the Downhill series at Schweitzer. Evie stepped up her game this year, trained hard and made great strides in her technique to finish her senior year. We enjoyed seeing you become a dynamic, powerful skier. It was wonderful having you part of this team. Congratulations to Evie and best of luck in your next pursuits!

CMAC U19 Outstanding Performance: Owen Snyder-Smith - We want to recognize Owen as the athlete with the Outstanding Performance of 2020. Highlights of his season include 3 top 5 Finishes in the NW Cup Series, including a 2nd Place SL at Mt. Spokane where he scored under 100 points for the first time. Owen worked hard this year, dialing in his movement patterns and developed a rock-solid stance and consistent balance. He has one of the most solid platforms of anyone in our program and he is creating really dynamic and powerful turns. With some fine tuning of his technique and looking for more speed in races, Owen will be a great one to watch! We are looking forward to seeing where Owen can take his skiing in the coming years. Congratulations to Owen for the Outstanding Performance in 2020!

CMAC Most Outstanding Athletes

CMAC Girls Most Outstanding Skier 2020: Annie Frohlich - Annie had a great season, and was building toward a great finish. It’s too bad we got cut short this year, but Annie still had time to get in an excellent finish at the U16 regional championships. She placed 4th in the GS, and was second place on her second run. The following day the SL was canceled due to high winds and poor conditions, but she was in position to score yet another podium in SL. Her 4th place GS score qualified her for a trip to the U16 National Championships that were going to be held in Sugarloaf. Anyone can guess on how that trip would have gone, but she was on a roll, improving her skills week by week with confidence growing. She started the season with 3 SL wins in a row at our home NW Cup Races at Crystal, then followed with another win in a GS at Mt. Spokane, and a GS win at Mt. Bachelor, followed by 2 SG wins. Annie was clearly ready to compete at the next level! Annie has all the tools to become a great ski racer. She is fit, well focused and takes care of details. You can always see her giving a full effort during training sessions and she is always focused on her technique and how to improve. Annie is also an excellent free skier, powder skier and just loves the sport of skiing. In the long run, free skiing may be the most important part of success. She appears to enjoy the process to become the best she can be. Annie is ready to make the jump to the U19/FIS level of ski racing and her potential is unlimited. Congratulations Annie, you are the most outstanding female ski racer in the CMAC program.

CMAC Boys Most Outstanding Skier 2020: Zach Derwin - Zach had a very strong senior year. He really broke into the top level of the NW Cup and was making some great progress in at the FIS level. Zach started the season with some decent scores at our Crystal NW Cup SL’s with a couple of top tens. Then he was off to challenge himself at the next level at the Big Sky FIS races. He came away with a strong 34th place score in SL. After skiing some FIS races and seeing the upper level competition, Zach returned home to get some good training, fun free skiing, and just continued his progress at becoming a better skier. Zach commented that his improvements this season came from improved strength. He said he hit the weight gym often and got much stronger in the off-season. As he trained, he said it was so much easier to learn skills now that he was physically stronger. This in turn led to more confidence and more aggressive training racing. By the time he got to the second NW Cup series, he started to turn it up another notch, He went to Spokane and scored a 2nd place in GS and won the SL Then when we moved on to speed events, which were not always his best events in the past, he placed consistently in the top ten. All of these repeated and consistent performances all season long brought him into 2nd place in the overall NW Cup standings. Along with all these good ski racing results, you’ll see Zach out on the mountain ripping up the powder and throwing it off the cornices. Zach is our 2020 CMAC most outstanding skier. Congratulations Zach for earning top skiing honors in PNSA prior to heading off to Colorado University next season. Good luck and come join us for to some great skiing and training when you come back to visit next winter.

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