Latest COVID-19 news for CMAC

2021-2022 Season

Stay tuned for the latest information for the coming season. 

2020-2021 season: new processes

Below are three important new processes for this season. Please read this carefully

1. Daily COVID attestation process

Each morning that your athlete is participating in a CMAC activity, you need to confirm that they meet the CMAC COVID Attestation prior to participation.

  • Details of the simple process using the Wild Apricot Member mobile app (iPhone/Android) can be found here
  • Log in using the same account you used to register your athlete at the CMAC web site. 
  • Completing this attestation is a prerequisite to participation each day.
Coaches will be confirming that the attestation has been completed at the start of the day. 

2. Training with CMAC in case you can't get a reservation

Update 3/21/2021: Crystal Mountain has announced that reservations are not required for the remainder of the season!  Yay!!

What we've seen so far this season is that every day many reservations come available in the morning. There has not been a day that was full when the lifts open.  Therefore, this process is being updated to be more of a "day-of" real time process:  

  1. Every morning, if your athlete is going to train and you still cannot get a reservation for the day, you need to use this new Google Form to tell Crystal Mountain so that their pass does not get flagged for not having a reservation. This Google form will be locked during midweek now. 
  2. It is critical that that if your training day is not sold out on the morning of the training day, you MUST book a reservation through the Ikon system.

3. Be sure to have your pass scanned

If you are only training on Gold Hills, there's often no one there to scan your pass. It's critical that you at least stop by another chairlift to have your pass scanned so that Ikon does not flag you for not using a reservation. 

Thank you for your cooperation and special thanks to Crystal Mountain for going the extra mile to ensure CMAC athletes can train!

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