Basic Repairs (base work and gluing)

30 Sep 2012 3:00 PM | Deleted user
Everyday Repairs
One area of ski work I haven't covered is the everyday repairs that come up: minor delaminations and base gouges. There are several ways to fix each of these defects, but I will start with the most basic repairs and then build on that knowledge.

Basic Base Repair. Tools/Supplies Required: P-Tex Candle, matches, and a SHARP plastic scraper. You already have the scraper, right? So all you need is a few candles and matches. $5 worth of candles (about $1/each) will last through all but the rockiest season.

To repair a small gouge, simply light the candle and let it drip onto something metal (not flammable) for 30 seconds of so. Then bring the candle over the gouge and drip overlapping drips all the way along the length of the gouge. Repeat at least once, 3 to 4 times may be required for deep gouges. When done, blow the candle out and hang it over something NON FLAMMABLE until it has cooled and solidified. P-Tex candles burn EXTREMELY HOT and the molten plastic can burn skin or anything else it touches very quickly. Be CAREFUL!

After a minute or so, the repair will have cooled enough to be scraped. GENTLY scrape the excess plastic off of the repair until the ski is again flat. Then use a brass brush to restore the structure (or something like) in the area of the repair. Wax the ski, and you are done! Easy, eh?
The advantages of P-Tex candles are that they are cheap, easy to work with, and compact. The disadvantage is that the repairs are softer than the surrounding base material, so consequently they aren't all that durable. But every tool kit should have a few candles in it, as sometimes a quick repair is all you really need.      (pictures to follow)

Basic Delamination Repair. Tools/Supplies Required: Epoxy, masking tape (or base tape), panzer file, sandpaper, and clamp(s). Less than $20- especially if you already have a panzer file.

Repairs steps an pictures to follow.

More advanced repairs to follow also.

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