Advanced Tuning (Overview)

19 Nov 2012 4:06 PM | Deleted user
So for those of you experienced tuners who want MORE performance- I'm going to draw back the curtain a little bit on some more tricks. NOT everything at once, and these should not be used until you have a really good BASE of experience. Otherwise, these are like 12" of light powder over rocks: NOT good.

Please Remember- The Tuning Basics are ENOUGH for most tuners and racers. They are too much for some. This series is for those who want to get the last .05 seconds out of a pair of skis, AND they are ready to sweat the details, pay the $$ for tools/wax and work harder to do so

Before you get into the "Advance Tuning" side of things, you should already be:

* Tuning/waxing everyday.
* Have (and know how to use) files, stones, side and base guides, a range of brushes and waxes, base repair tools, etc. A fairly complete tool kit and a good understanding of their use.

I will show you:
* more ways to repair a damaged base
* ways to personalize how a ski performs
* ways to get even BETTER edge performance and durability
* ways to optimize waxes/waxing
* ways to spend MUCH more money on tools. I am always good for THAT one!

So dive it... and if you like it and want even more, by all means WRITE!! I MIGHT even read your email!
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