Do you Sprongo?!?

07 Aug 2013 10:16 PM | Deleted user
Hey Gadget here, back from shooting video at Hood. Do you have a Sprongo account yet?  IF you do NOT have an account and you have a racer in CMAC, please ask me or another coach. We will "invite" onto our team site. If you try independently, it is really easy to grab the wrong team.

CMAC has embraced online video, and we create and post up to several HUNDRED videos every week (during the peak of the season). As of this writing, there are over 12,000 videos already on our Team Site. IF you have a CMAC racer in your family, GET A SPRONGO ACCOUNT!!! You can watch your racer race and train from anywhere in the world with an internet connection... ANY TIME!!

Tuesday Wax Night: Coming to a neighborhood near you. I am planning to open my shop up for 2 hours a week for kids and parents u12 and up... and I might make an exception for a really On Fire U10 or two. I want to help KIDS learn to tune and repair skis and boots... I will not show parents very much at these sessions. I have 3 benches with vices, plenty of tools and wax, and I even a hotbox to get those race boards FAST!!  Did I mention this is a FREE service and that we will have Ski Movies (of some sort) playing?!

More info coming soon... ish.
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