Tools! Basic tool kit recomendations.

12 Nov 2013 7:00 AM | Deleted user
I used and for many of the links today. When possible, I shop in town, but I cannot always find what I need. Sturtevants and World Cup both have a nice selection of tools and waxes, and their knowledge can be invaluable. (links may need to be pasted into your browser) Please ALSO look at the Blog Index- I may have already written something to answer your question.
To do basic maintenance, you need:
1.) File/stone guides for side and base edges
My favorite base guides:
My favorite side guides:
Side edge planer:
I have tried almost everything out there. These work the best for me.

2.) A file, a couple stones, some lubrication and a cleaning brush.
Diamond Stone:
Gumi Stone:
This is my favorite overall stone. The file is a medium-duty, high quality file. The gumi is to give a better final finish.

3.) A couple of good plastic scrapers
You will need a way to keep them sharp too. Here is a simple design for a scraper sharpener:

4.) A wax iron and/or wax wizard and/or cork
Iron in a kit:
Wax Wizard:
Starting out, a good iron is needed. A digital iron is wonderful, but a bit of a luxury for most people. The Wax Wizard pays for itself the first day you use it with expensive waxes- like fluros.

5.) Base and wax brushes
There are some in the above wax kit or here is a nice little 3-brush kit:

6.) Wax:
HUGE subject. Here are some simple suggestions to get you started: Buy warm, cheap hydrocarbon wax for general ski cleaning and prep. Find a univeral temp low fluro wax for entry level racing.

7.) Vice and bench

There are MANY approaches to benches and vices. I own several, and I have built many more. If you want my opinion just ask!

See you on the hill- Sun Peaks is coming SOON!!
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