Putting Gear Away? Do it RIGHT!!

19 Apr 2014 5:16 PM | Deleted user
You may well have a couple races left (as we do), but for sure you are starting to put some gear away. I will give an overview first, then the details with some photos included.

Some people try to sell some really NASTY gear- don't be that person! Here is a list to make sure your gear is ready for next year whether you keep it or sell it.

Keeping OR selling it:
Clean and dry
Tune and wax
Wax the edges
Turn Down bindings
Repair and/or scrap

Clean and dry- you should really do this everyday, but it is hard sometimes I know.

Dry gloves and clothes before packing to prevent mold and mildew.

This is our drying rack. It is a little too full.

Separate Liners from boots and allow to dry for several days or so... nice and slowly.

Use Lysol to freshen up stinky liners. Your kids' roommate at camp will be glad you did!

These are NOT skis you want to buy!

Note the rust. NOT put away DRY.

So- this ski should scare you. They are in my "waiting for time" pile of things to do. I will have to replace whole sections of base... bad news.

HERE is what you want. These skis are trainers ready for the next training day (believe it or not):

Wouldn't you rather find that when looking for a ski to buy? Or a ski that you (or your kids) were about to use?

Use Wax to preserve the edge. Wax DELAYS rust by keeping water and air away from the edge, but it will not prevent rust completely.

Rub the wax onto the edge:

Then buff the wax INTO the edge with a polishing cloth. Medium Hardness wax works best.

Turn the DIN (spring tightness) to almost the lowest setting. This prevents the spring from weakening during the off-season.

Once you have your skis clean, dry, tuned and waxed, mark what you did on Masking tape and put them away in your rack. Ready to go!  Sometimes it is a good idea to leave a thick coat of Storage wax on the skis. I do this if I am sure they won't be used for a month or more.Use your warmest, softest wax for that.

See you at the banquet!

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