Guest Blogger: Caden Hendrix's Tuning Tips

17 Nov 2014 2:28 PM | Deleted user

Note: Famous Dare Devil, Speed Skier, and Ski Racer/Coach Caden Hendrix skis all over the world and knows a thing or two about Ski Tuning. Here are two of Caden's Top Tips for CMAC Racers and Wax Dads:

  • A couple important tips. Always have a good sidewall planer. This is very important to rip down that sidewall so that you can get your (side) edge bevel true and to the accurate degree that you are comfortable. When you use a sidewall planer make sure that you don't take down too much material all at once because that can effect the integrity (of the ski).
  • Tip #2. Buy yourself a heavy duty Panzar file to help take down the sidewall in the tip and tail section of the ski. They also come in handy for reworking the edge if you have damage to the edges from rocks. With a Panzar you can really rip down a lot of material, then move to a good chrome file with medium to fine teeth. Then from there to a series of wetstone's diamond stones, to get that nice sharp clean edge.

Gadget note: Make sure to wear a good pair of work gloves if hand-holding a Panzer file. They can cut into your hands really fast too.

Thanks Caden!


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