Top End Performance Series: #1 Grass Roots Performance

17 Dec 2014 5:53 AM | Deleted user

This is a new series for Experienced Tuners who want MORE PERFORMANCE!

Home Tune vs. Shop Tune vs. Team (pro) Tune: I live less than 15 minutes from 2 Great Ski Shops. When I need help, they are there for me- which is awesome. But I can often do many tuning chores (even the top-end stuff) in less time than it takes to bring the skis in- much less wait for the work to get done and go pick them up. So it is actually easier AND faster for me to do the work myself most of the time.

The latest trend in Tuning is having a Team Tuner (at the academies). I suppose this may work for some- but what I am promoting is Grass Roots Performance: Knowing what your athlete needs, how their equipment is wearing, and how to get equipment to do what you want/need it to do.

The PNSA has a great tradition of producing great skiers and racers from volunteer and family-based organizations. If you count the number of National Championship, World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic Medals won by our skiers you will realize we have done Just Fine- without many of the fancy, high-priced academies, personal coaches, and other Gold Plated services that some seem to think are now required to make it to the top. This series is for those who have Big Dreams.

Series preview

  1. Grass Roots Performance
  2. Daily Top End Maintenance/Man Made Snow
  3. Base Repair/ alternate approaches
  4. Top End Edge Tuning
  5. Bench/lighting
  6. Top End Waxing
  7. Travel Kits/Benches
  8. Tool  use and maintenance

Blog outlook: there is a LOT of basic, intermediate, and advanced tuning information on this blog. 13/14 index: 11/12/13 index:

I have been hesitant to release much information on the High End of things for 3 reasons:

  1. I feel many “over-tune” already, when what their kids REALLY need is more time in the gym, playing sports, and more time skiing with a good coach.  
  2. I have seen some tuners try things they should not have tried- and it made their skis slower in the process.
  3. This blog has readers all over and I was a little jealous about spreading this knowledge to some of my son’s future competition.

 I hope to complete this series before Christmas, and to get a few videos done. My Top-End videos I will only load on Sprongo however, so that I have some control over distribution.

Full disclosure:

Yup, I am a very passionate tuning Geek. I have been tuning skis for over 40 years, and I am continually stepping up my game. My son has World Cup and Olympic dreams so I do my best to make sure he has the best prepared skis on the hill. If you want the same for your racer(s), maybe I can help a little.

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