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24 Jun 2015 6:03 AM | Deleted user

CMAC racers and parents: This is little announcement. 

I only get feedback occasionally, so have to do my best to set direction based on my vision of what I would like if I were a parent or racer at an earlier part of the learning curve.

I always TRY to write in the Winter (when Ski Racing issues are front of mind), but time on the hill, shop, and behind the wheel limit my time with a camera and keyboard. SO I AM WRITING NEXT WINTER'S BLOG RIGHT NOW!! Please give any input/request ASAP so I can include them in the blog. Thank you in advance.

Some projects I do seem to fall on deaf ears- such as arranging demos for kids at camp. This is a pretty rare and valuable opportunity- yet only a small percentage of CMAC Racers took advantage of it this year.  Personally, I LOVE trying out new gear, as does my son. Trying new stuff is how we learned what we like best and how to optimize what we have.

Oh well, I will continue to pour out ideas. I guess we will just see what sticks.

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