Intro To Tuning Series (stage 1)

12 Jul 2015 7:32 AM | Deleted user
Welcome to CMAC!

Stage 1 is designed to teach you how to maintain Skis in only 5 minutes a day. Included is a very basic tool list (at the bottom) as well as pictures and videos to show you every step of the process.So here we go!
  1. Dry the skis
  2. Put on brake retainers
  3. De-burr and touch up side and base edges
  4. Brush-Clean the bases and scrape
  5. Wax bases and edges
  6. Remove the retainer
  7. Strap up the skis

Stage 1 Tools Required:

Adjustable Side Edge guide    $50  OR

DMT Blue Diamond Stone       $20  

Lubricant for the stone            $10  

All temperature Wax                 $30   

Brake retainers (2-4)                 $5-10

Thick 6" Plastic scraper           $6    

Combo Brush                             $15   

Wax Wizard                                $20    

If you have nothing at all, $150 will get you all you need for daily (Stage 1) maintenance.  Many things are available in stores locally, some are quite hard to find. Togar is located in Oregon and will get your order off to you FAST!

pictures, videos and stage 2 tools list are next

Tool lists, pictures, videos, and Stages 2-4 will be added soon. For those of you reading this work in progress, I expect to have it done by July 15.

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