Sweating the setup/prep Details- for the Super Geeks.

24 Oct 2016 5:20 PM | Deleted user

Warning- this is the high end of things. Some want to do the absolute best possible, these tips and tricks will help you get there. They will NOT be critical in your U12's SG race (good skiing will win), as kids get older and better, these things can help.


Ok, so I assume you've already read the CMAC tuning specs right?! You haven't? Well here they are:  Tuning Standards.pdf     So your skis are super flat, edges perfectly beveled, bases showing the effects of Love and Wax, sidewalls trimmed and smoothed right? GREAT!! That means your setup is already better then 95% of racers (99+% of skiers) out there. Good Job!!

So what MORE can you do to get them even better? Well, that takes some special tools, skills, and thinking. What I'm talking about is Measuring and Assigning Roles, "What The Fogwax... is Gadget talking about now??!" Well, each pair (each ski actually) is a bit different right? SO, if you have a multiple-pair quiver (racer-trainers etc.) then you can take your ENTIRE QUIVER to a higher level by starting your setup work by measuring Each Ski and Assigning a Role to that ski.

I measure: 1.) Mass in grams; 2.) camber in inches (to the .001); 3.) Flex in inches (to the .001); 4.) Thickness (.001 inch scale); and 5.) Sidecut.  No, I'm not going to tell you how I do it here- talk to me in person if you are dying to know. But- I WILL tell you that it makes a difference- a big difference to some skiers/racers.

Yes, the winners of the CMAC Auction Tuning Package will get this level of setup. The Brand R skis currently in the shop will too (of course).

Measuring is the FIRST thing I do, then I decide which ski will be a racer, a trainer, and which will be left and right.  As soon as I quit this exercise I will be back prepping again... it's just that time of year.

From the long tape, you can tell I do a lot more than measure- and I keep track of it so that I can have a consistent (and consistently improving) system. This is from a pair of Ty's skis that I just finished.

In case you were wondering, I rarely tune at this level with others around. Reason? Heads explode and the cleanup is so messy. 
See you on the hill!

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