Race Day- Hold no bars $25 prep:

19 Nov 2011 9:31 AM | Deleted user

This is for those of you looking for that last few Hundies (.01 seconds).


The law of diminishing returns applies here: you will be working a LOT harder, spending a LOT more $$, and getting only a little more performance... but your racer wants the top step on the podium, right? And you are willing to pay the money (and do the work) to help them get there... RIGHT?!     Price Warning: it is possible to spend more than $50/run on prep like this- if you aren't careful with the wax you use. And for all that, if you don't choose the right wax (or prep the skis properly first), the skis might be slower than the $5 prep listed above. Money won't buy speed unless you are smarter than your base brush.


So here we go: As always, scrape and brush the skis completely. Double check the edges. Consider if you may need to dull them. Then apply your chosen elixer carefully, following the manufacturers directions.  After the first run, repeat. That wasn't so hard was it? Do you still have money left for lunch?!

Ok, a little more specific information for those of you NOT dissuaded or insulted by my instructions so far. FLURO wax does not like to attach itself to much. That is why it is fast. But this makes it hard to put on the ski. You should have waxed the ski with the appropriate low or high concentration Fluro wax FIRST, so the wax will adhere better.

My wax of choice is powdered fluro. I shake it lightly onto the ski, distribute it with a small horsehair brush, then Ray's Way the wax into the ski.

Here is the order of things to do:

1.) Wax with a fluro/hydrocarbon blend.

2.) Scrape, brush and polish completely.

3.) Rub, shake, or spray the fluro onto the ski. Use a horsehair brush (lightly) if applying powder to distribute the wax.

4.) Cork or RAY'S WAY the wax into the base. Work slowly and gently at first, then hard and fast.

5.) Scrape LIGHTLY- to remove any excess wax

6.) Brush LIGHTLY with a horsehair brush to get the wax out of the structure.

VII.) Polish with a cloth.

 NOW you are ready!!

Full disclosure: I do some wax testing for Racewax.com I really like their products and have agreed to help prove them and improve them.

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