"Secret Tricks..."

07 Dec 2011 7:28 AM | Deleted user
Ok, I have heard rumors that I'm not "giving up the goods" or that I'm not revealing my fastest tricks or something. The truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!

The truth of it is that I am ALWAYS experimenting with new materials, tools, and techniques. I show people the methods I have tried extensively and proven. I don't show you my LATEST stuff, because not everything works out.

You want "the latest" Gadget Tuning Tricks? Hang out in the shop with me for a while. Bring music and adult beverages. Then DON'T TELL ANYBODY what you learned!!

Big Speed is Secret Stuff right? Usually no, it isn't. Mostly it is someone doing the Right Stuff Repeatedly- and sweating the details.
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