27 Feb 2012 9:22 PM | Deleted user
Greasing, Juicing, etc. Here is where everyone hopes to get that Extra Speed Boost. Below is the PNSA J3 coaches and Juice Crew in Big Sky. To "Juice" 40+ pairs of speed skis (the team quiver) took 3 of us a bit over 2 hours- at sprint pace.

Overlay selection is often more critical and trickier than even wax selection.

I won't attempt to cover all aspects, but THE BEST way to be consistently fast (with overlay) is to use it frequently and to be very comfortable with the system of waxes and tools you use. Yes, this costs more than saving the overlay for the "big race," but if you don't know what you are doing on race day, you could spent a lot of money AND make the skis slower (not faster). I know this from personal experience.

Also- racers need to be used to the glide of top-end waxes, just as they need to be used to their equipment (skis and boots). If they hit a jump going 10 mph faster in the race than in training, they may not react properly.

Bottom line: IF you are going to dive into overlays, budget some extra $$ for "research and development," or else stick with waxes that are easier to work with. Parents should experiment on their own skis as well as their racers' skis- so that they KNOW what the racers are feeling.
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