Boot Tuning

17 Dec 2012 6:29 PM | Deleted user
Here is a GREAT link describing the boot fitting/alignment process from Spokane's website:
I have developed a few unique boot tuning tools and techniques. I won't post too much about them here, but if you have an interest in optimizing boot settings/tuning, drop me a note.

You probably don't think of Gadget as a Boot Guy, but I play with them almost as much as skis. Boots are even MORE critical than skis (or ski tuning), and most people only do the very basics with regards to fit, flex, function, stance, alignment, canting, ramp angle, and elasticity/responsiveness.

This is WAY too big of a topic for me to dive into without sufficient interest in the blogosphere, but I will try to gauge interest based on the email and/or comments on this site. I don't wish to bite off more than I can chew however- so let me know what you want/need, and I will go from there.

Oct. 29th:
Short Plug- 2 companies have help me a TON with boots in last few years, Tecnica and Intuition. Tecnica has developed some great boots, but especially has a very supportive race-rep Dave Glotzer. And support after the sale is more important than the sale itself- in my book. Intuition has developed a line of great products that solve a lot of warmth and fit issues. Crystal at Intuition has also given me world class support. I am shocked that I don't see more Intuition liners in race boots. Maybe people are scared to try something new. Especially with the new lace up and plug liners, DON'T BE SCARED, INTUITION MAKES GREAT RACE LINERS!!

December 17th:

After a lot of work, Tecnica Scout plug boots grinded, punched, canted, aligned, and molded to my son's feet. They ski great, as you might expect. So, the Tech boots are done, now I start on the Speed boots...
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