Repairing Rock Damage

09 Dec 2013 8:48 PM | Deleted user

So this is a timely subject I think. Saturday, I was handed some of the most rock-damaged skis I have ever seen. Multiple core shots on each ski, and most of those were over 12 inches long!  Since the skis were only on their 3rd day on snow and seemed structurally fine,  it seemed a shame not to repair them.

Here are the skis before I started working:

Here are the skis after about 2 hours of work:

Not bad eh?
Steps to get from bad to better;
1.) Sand/Stone edges to remove rust and burrs- so that the edges do not destroy my tools.
2.) Plane away proud material from the base
3.) Use base welder to fill in BIG holes.
4.)  Use planer to remove excess p-tex.
5.) Stone/file/smooth side and base edges to restore edge finish/sharpness.
6.) Sand/brush/polish/restructure damaged base areas.
7.) Wax, scrape, brush and polish base.

Next, I will ski them side by side with brand new identical skis. If they pass my Ski Test, they will regain their place in The Family Quiver. 

Update: I skied a couple runs on the skis and they seem pretty good. For sure they are suitable as trainers. But it was so rocky I had to work on them some more. This will be a good season to learn how to repair gear.


  • 17 Dec 2013 7:50 AM | Deleted user
    If you want a more detailed description, let me know and I will work on it. Most people will probably take damage like this to a shop however.
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